Friday, May 12, 2017

Life with the Bussis'- 5.12.17

It's been busy around here. We've had gorgeous weather so we've spent a lot of time outside, which means not much gets done inside, but that's okay :). At Christmas a couple from church gave our family gift cards to the hot springs and a pizza place, so last week we decided to go there for some fun.
Anna was not quite so sure about being in a pool

The boys however had no hesitation, they jumped right in, over and over and over and over.... :)

They also have pools outside. This day was actually pretty cool (in the 50s), but the pool was 96 degrees so you didn't notice

Daddy throwing the boys

They discovered they could "dive" even with their puddle jumpers on :) (needless to say, they slept awesome that night)

Dinner afterwards at a pizza place

Anna's favorite part was mommy's cup

These two :)

This is what they did when I asked them to put their arms around each other :) As you can see, they may be twins, but they have a mind of their own, one in shorts and short sleeves, one in pants and long sleeves :)

In her favorite spot

Having a picnic at that park with some of our friends. Anna looks so grown up when she sits on a blanket eating her peanut butter sandwich!

Jonathan requested I take a picture of him on the slide, and then he wouldn't look at me :)

Micah had a program at school and they had the kids' artwork displayed in the gym. Here is Micah's artwork

We've spent lots of time outside and playing with water

Anna prefers to just ride on our neighbors toys (do you think she needs a bigger hat?)

The boys were very excited to get to pull out their new shorts pajamas

Love a pretty pink dress (and the cutie wearing it!)

Our neighbor gave me one of her girls old hats so Anna could have one that fit. Isn't it just too adorable!!

She loves getting in and out of the little car

The boys were very excited to get to finally pull out the slip and slide Jonathan had picked out at Toys R Us for Christmas.

Jonathan and Micah got the hang of it, David was not so brave out it (which is pretty funny considering he usually our most daring child)

Micah at his program (it was a Patriotic Theme)
He had a speaking part

Saluting those who have served our country

I played the piano for his program so we had to take a picture in our patriotic gear :)

Silly girl, that is not how you sit in a high chair!

I was working in the kitchen so she pulled her chair over so she could sit by mommy while I worked :)

Our first picnic at our house of the year. Anna thought it was pretty fun to get to sit at the table

Jonathan had requested we take a walk, his brothers didn't have the same idea, so they made me push them around in the stroller, that's a lot of weight in one stroller, especially when you have to go uphill!

Anna loves having Daddy read to her!

My smiley girl!

He has inherited the Verhoeven (my mom's side) trait of sticking your tongue out when you concentrate really hard :)

Micah wanted to hit with the metal bat, he actually did pretty well

David also thought he should try the metal bat, but Mom and Dad said no :)

Watching from the swings

She takes really good care of her dolly, takes her on lots of stroller rides

Hanging with her buddy Deacon

Some of my friends and I decided to give ourselves a Mother's Day gift :), lunch and pedicures. It was so much fun!! And now we have really cute toes!

Silly David was very proud of his Michigan shirt

She got ahold of a red marker, and decided to decorate her face

I got to go with Micah and his class on a fieldtrip to a local greenhouse

It was very interesting learning about all the things they do there

The kids loved rolling down the big grass hills

They even got to plant a flower and take it home

Micah with his class

Eating dinner outside (this time Anna didn't get to sit at the table :))

Finally decided to use the nice clothes line we have in our backyard. I dry most of our stuff, but I noticed that the twins' new shirts were shrinking, so I decided to be domestic and hang them out to dry :) Amazingly, this was only one load of clothes (we go through a lot of laundry over here)

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