Saturday, May 27, 2017

Life With the Bussis'- 5.27.17

Well, pink eye continued to hit our house this past week, first with me, then with Anna. Thankfully at this point in time, I think we're all over it and somehow Steve and David avoided it. Other than that we had a pretty good week.
I forgot to post these last week, Micah had a field trip to a museum with a crocodile and dinosaur exhibit. Steve went with him on this one. The museum also had a kids area where they could "go fishing"

Checking out a crocodile

Dinosaur bones (I guess a lot of these bones were found in Montana which was pretty cool)

Anna insisted she wanted to wear her boots. They did match her outfit :)

Planting their flowers they got at the greenhouse

Very proud of his Laguna plant

Micah lost a second tooth!

I think we have a lefty among us

Planting our garden

At first Micah was more interested in roller skating with our neighbor

Then he decided he wanted to help plant

Poor thing, her eyes got pretty swollen with her pink eye

But she still loved hanging out with Mommy in the sunshine

It had been cold for a couple of days, so we were very excited about the nice weather

And we make great fashion statements on Sunday afternoon :)

Enjoying a churro (aka a cinnamon stick) at Costco

They were very excited about the books they found at the doctor's office (I took Anna in to get something for her pink eye)

Even Anna was excited about the doctor's office, until the doctor came in :)

We went out to lunch afterwards while we waited for Anna's prescription to be filled

Steve and I decided to have the boys earn their ice cream money for when we are on vacation this summer (we will be around an ice cream store for a whole week!). They get a stamp (which is $.10) for each chore they do. I tell you, our floors have never been so picked up :), it's awesome! Anna doesn't have a chart, but she wanted to be in the picture too :) (seriously, she jumped in and said "cheese" it was so cute!)

Steve went to watch the senior presentations at school after dinner one night, so the boys and I decided to take a bike ride around town.

Here eyes started improving pretty quick, no more looking like one of her brothers punched her in the eye :)

The twins love going to the dentist. They woke up that morning and immediately started asking when they got to go to the dentist. I think this fun waiting room has a lot to do with why they love the dentist :)

It was so fun to watch Anna play with Barbie's. Made me want to get my old ones from my mom for her to play with.

They were pretty excited about their prize for being good during their exam. The dental hygienist who had David told me he was just so fun and made her laugh :). She said she told him if he was good he would get a gold coin to use for a prize and his response was "oh good, I need money."
  I told her he is earning money for ice cream this summer and she said he mentioned something about ice cream :). Oh David, you never quite know what is going to come out of that mouth.
Total Mom fail!
It was blowing like crazy and we had been at the grocery store. I put Anna in the car seat to get her out of the wind, but I needed to put the cart away before it blew into someone's vehicle, so I just quick did her top strap and went to put the cart away with the intention of coming back and buckling the bottom strap. Well, I forgot to :), and when we got home I opened the door to find this. Yep, we all make mistakes :)

I had my first cupcake tasting for a wedding coming up. It was so much fun!!

Thursday was cold and rainy and a friend asked if anyone wanted to go to the museum. I asked the twins if they wanted to go, to which David answered "Yes! Right now!" :) So we went (it was the same museum Micah had gone on his field trip)

I think their favorite part was the baby crocodiles

There is an episode of Full House where Michelle's class goes to a museum on a field trip and Danny and Uncle Jesse are chaperones. Michelle thinks Uncle Jesse is the cool chaperone because he lets them run around, but then some of the kids run under the dinosaur bones and knock the whole thing down. I had visions of this happening with Jonathan and David. :) Thankfully, it did not.

David dressed like an eagle

Anna found this area pretty fun (she finally got to get out of her stroller)

Jonathan caught a fish!

We went to lunch afterwards with our friends, this was the baby table :)

And the bigger kid table

David really wanted a picture of himself by his bike :)

Just had to share this picture, I think these carrot cake cupcakes turned out so cute

Enjoying a picnic

This is around our firepit. Church had a volunteer day where people came to help with landscaping things. They filled dirt around our firepit and then did this hydro seeding so grass would grow. They got the dirt from some potato farmers. There were potatoes in the dirt, but the awesome volunteer picked out as many as they could see. So weeds have started coming up in the dirt and I decided I'd go pick the weeds. I pulled a weed out, and up came a potato :). So you see all those little green "weeds," yeah, those are potato plants. :) I guess they wanted to make potato farmers out of us. :)

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