Monday, May 1, 2017

Life With the Bussis'- 5.1.17

It was a week of not the nicest weather around here, so we spent a lot of time indoors :). Anna also had her 15 month appointment this week. She cried the entire time! I felt so bad for the nurse and doctor because as soon as they'd walk in the door, she'd start screaming. But other than that, she had a good appointment. :) She was 24 pounds, 5 ounces (70%) and 31.5 inches (75%). So other than her stranger anxiety, she's doing great. :)
Our driveway was pretty caked with mud after they took out the hedges and then it rained, so we borrowed a powerwasher and Steve cleaned the whole driveway, which was great entertainment for our children. :)
Anna doing two of her favorite things, playing Peek-A-Boo and being in the pantry :)

When it was nice last week the boys pulled out their water guns and we discovered that they didn't all work and all had very small water holders which meant we had to fill them up a lot, so I told them they could use some of their Christmas money they still had to get new ones. So Tuesday we headed to Walmart to pick some out. As you can see Anna is just not so sure about this :)

Kind of funny, it was raining when we went to the store to get waterguns :) So of course they all had to have an umbrella

Anna had gotten a gift card to Walmart from my grandparents for her birthday and they had awesome clearance deals, so she got four new outfits which as you can see, she is very excited about

I got a new pair of yoga capris and had them on and Anna decided she wanted to be like Mommy, so she took her socks off and tried to pull her pants legs up :) It was so cute!

She almost passed out from crying she so badly did not want me putting pigtails in her hair, but mommy won :)

Our tulips are starting to bloom and the daffodils were starting to die, so the boys and I took the daffodils out so we could better see the tulips 

The boys kept thanking me for helping them in the garden :) It was pretty cute. Once the weather turns nice and the tulips open up I'll have to share a picture with you, I love tulips!!

Anna's doctor appointment was at 4:30 and Steve was going to an Escape Room with the youth group that night, so I took the boys along with me so we could go out to dinner and run some errands after Anna's appointment. They thought these desks in the waiting room were pretty fun.

Dinner at Firehouse Subs!

She loves pickles

After our errands we stopped and got some frozen yogurt. They think it's so fun that they each get to pick out their own flavor and toppings

It was a sad morning when we had to pull out the snow pants :(
We had some excited boys when we opened up a package from Grandpa and Grandma Bussis to find new airplanes for their bikes!!
Dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings is always fun!

I figured I should let Anna start using utensils, I guess at least she was holding the fork :)

We finally got a nice day on Saturday, so we took advantage and went for a bike ride. So much easier to ride bike when it's not blowing 20 mph :)

The boys love throwing rocks in the river

Micah could even skip a rock a couple times

Daddy showing him how it's done (of course Micah wasn't looking :))

Anna wanted to get in on the rock fun

Eating our picnic lunch

This little girl is just growing up so fast! She looked like such a big girl sitting at the picnic table, eating her cookie :)

Micah decided he didn't really want to work out :), so he convinced Jonathan to ride the tag-along bike so he could sit in the trailer. Jonathan did great and said "this is so much better than riding in the trailer!" :)

And of  course then David wanted a turn, so when we got back to our van him and I went for a little ride while Steve put the trailers in the van. Let me tell you, it's so much easier just pulling one kid instead of also having 60 pounds of kid in a trailer behind the tag-along!!

This morning Anna was being very quite, so I found her, like this :). The girl loves taking the caps off of markers and pens!

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