Thursday, May 18, 2017

Life with the Bussis'- 5.19.17

We've had a fairly good week. Have dealt with some pink eye and colds/allergies, and some cold, rainy, at times snowy weather, but all in all it's been pretty good over here at the Bussis household.

Anna got ahold of some markers and made this masterpiece :)

The boys asked me for some towels so they could play Marco Polo :) I think Micah plays this a lot at recess so he wanted to teach his brothers how to play.

Micah made me this picture for Mother's Day at school. He was so excited he finally gave it to me on Saturday (he brought it home on Thursday), he just couldn't wait one more day. So fun to start to get homemade stuff for Mother's Day!

I sold my first dozen cupcakes!! If you're in the area and want cupcakes, let me know :) (I'm saving up so Steve and I can go away for our 10th Anniversary in a year and a half :))

Playing some Kerplunk, it's very intense :)

And then came the snow :( Thankfully it never stuck, but it still was not fun to see

I had a code for a free shopping bag from Shutterfly and I wanted new pictures of the kids to put on it, but Anna wanted nothing to do with standing still for Mommy

But even so, seriously, how cute is she in that jean jacket?!
But my boys actually cooperated



Me with my precious kids on Mother's Day

We went to a friend's house on Monday and the boys were very excited about their chicks

They're still taking about those chicks and how they were "chick-sitting"

Our friend is a sheriff deputy and had his car there and let the boys sit in it and turn on the lights and sirens

I told the boys this better be the only time they're ever in a police car :)

We went to a greenhouse on Friday night and got some plants for our garden, but knew it was going to be a cold week so we didn't want to plant them yet, so they have been in our garage, but we decided to let them see the sun when it finally came out, and Jonathan volunteered to water them, in his pajamas and crocs :)

Silly girl managed to put on one of each of David and Jonathan's crocs, and still get them on the wrong feet :)

She loves sitting by her brothers

And speaking of silly, these two thought we needed to have the window open while it was snowing outside (they wanted to stick their head out it)

This morning Anna was just kind of crabby, so I put her in her crib, where she just played for a good half hour! Eventually she got a visitor, who decided sitting on the edge of her crib sounded comfortable
She loves climbing on Daddy's lap with a book (I think this was his fourth time reading the book in 5 minutes, but she obviously loved it)
It was a kite flying kind of day.

Learning to use utensils is a messy job, I think most of her food made it into her mouth

The other day Micah decided he wanted to make a book. So I stapled some pages together for him and he proceeded to come up with a story, write it down (without help), and draw pictures to go with the story. I have to admit, I am so impressed!! So I just had to share it with you.

"A long long time ago there was a boy named Micah"
"He was at least 4. He wanted to make a Mother's Day gift"

"He wanted a farm animal. He accidentally made a blob"
"Then he started again"

"Then he made a cat"
"It was perfect"

"So of course he could not sleep"
"Then it was Mother's Day. Then Micah gave Mom his Mother's Day gift. Mom said that's so pretty. The end."

When he was coming up with his story he didn't realize he would have two extra pages at the end, so he decided to draw a picture of all of use flying to Grandpa and Grandma's house and then a picture of him and Daddy sleeping in the tent.

This is the back page where he first put the cover of the book, and then realized he had drawn it on the back. :)
Such a creative kid!!

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