Saturday, August 5, 2017

Life with the Bussis'- 8.5.17

The week we went to California (the kids and I went on a Saturday) we took a family hike to a waterfall.
Checking out the river under the bridge

I got to use our new Ergo carrier I'd bought on a Facebook garage sale. It worked great!! (So much better than having Anna on my front!)

We made it to the falls!

It's just a little nerve wracking having your boys (who don't play attention) right by the rushing water

And of course they had to reach down and touch the water

At the top of the waterfall

Which was even more nerve wracking and for some reason all of the sudden all three boys were about 20 feet away from us right on the edge! Both Steve and I laid in bed that night thinking of what could have happened!

Hiking back

When we got back to the bridge they thought they needed to go down by the water (to once again touch the water) and of course, Jonathan stepped right into the water with his tennis shoes :)

We had packed a lunch and ate it after our hike. Not a bad view

So much fun!!

On the way home we went through Ted Turner's property (there's a public road that goes through it) and found some Bison!

This guy was less then 10 feet from me (of course I was in the van so I didn't feel too threatened :))

She insisted she wanted her dress on over her t-shirt :)

Three boys under blankets (and not because it was cold)

We went to a library summer program with some of our friends

The theme for this day was construction and we got to check out the construction project going on by the library

And then go back inside to try to build something

Afterwards we went to lunch at McDonald's where the kids got to us the gift cards they had gotten from Steve's grandma to get a Happy Meal

Crazy Montana, on the way home it was pouring, and sunny!

Our neighbor's birthday is two days before Steve's, so we celebrated the boys' birthday with a picnic dinner!
I had to get a new pool for the boys because their old one had a hole in it.

Anna's not the biggest fan of being in a pool, but she was okay with it if her big brother was in there with her

This girl and her love of boots
I think she was tired :)

This was just too precious!

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