Monday, August 7, 2017

California 2017 Part 1


12 days after we got home from Michigan the kids and I headed to California.

On the plane before 6am!

The boys were already in TV world :)

We had a 3 1/2 layover in Salt Lake City, so we took our time getting to our next gate

Watched a little TV

Picked up trash

Got some frozen yogurt

Anna was a big fan of this part of our layover (on a side note, I thought her shirt had a cute key hole in the front, turns out I just had the shirt on backwards :) That's what happens when you dress your child at 4:30 in the morning)

She even talked her brother into sharing

But she rewarded him with a hug (so sweet!!)

These two like to show their love for each other too :)
And we waited, and waited

But finally our layover was over and we're back on a plane!

And we made it to California! And wasted no time in getting in the pool!
Grandma even had a little pool for Anna, but Anna didn't like being in it by herself :)

We discovered she's not a big fan of the pool, she's rather just sit by mommy
Fun on the slide with cousins!

Lots of reading

The boys were pretty proud because they got confident enough in swimming that they could jump in without their puddle jumpers!!

But always remember to plug your nose :)

How Anna is happy by the pool
Just chillin' with Grandma
They did this over and over
They even got Mommy to jump in with them

She loves sitting by her brothers (and cousin). She'd just climb right up next to them.

My Mom gifted my sister and I with a kid-free afternoon! We got to go to lunch and then get pedicures! It was so nice to just get to spend time with my sister!
Mom was even brave enough to let the kids paint (she was watching 6 kids 6 and under by herself)

Anna joins right in with her brothers

Grandpa spoiled the kids with donuts every morning!
The boys have been complaining that they needed new shoes for quite a while, but I wanted to wait until we were in California because they have a New Balance factory outlet by my parents and they always have buy one get one half off. So they were so very excited when they finally got to get their new shoes!!
Then we headed over to Bass Pro Shop

Getting to see fish while riding the elevator

Can you tell he has not been taught how to hold a gun, ha ha :)

Or Anna

Grandpa showing Micah how you do it

Checking out the fish
They thought these 4 Wheelers were pretty cool

Dream on boys, dream on!

Anna got in on the fun too

Game time!

More donuts

Daddy joined us!!
Anna getting to try an In-N-Out French fry for the first time

The boys were big fans of the hamburger restaurant (Micah missed out on it but he got to go to a Dodgers game with my parents, so he didn't mind)

We went out to breakfast with my grandparents.

My grandma and her little namesake (Anna's middle name is after my grandma)

Checking out the cows

We got to go intertubing. The twins wanted nothing to do with it but Micah thought it was pretty fun (as long as Grandpa didn't go too fast)

The twins preferred to just ride up front.
Good thing Anna's paying attention to the tubers :)
All the twins really wanted to do was get to swim in the water

I think they were tired :)

So cute!

She is always trying to drink out of my cup

And is quite proud when she accomplishes it

More fun in the pool
I love Jonathan's form in this one

Story time
And that was our first week in California, so fun!

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