Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Week 24


                                             David                                                                    Jonathan              
Jonathan- 18.7 pounds
David- 16.1 pounds
We have had an eventful week this week.  First off, Jonathan and David finally got to experience the outdoors besides going in and out of a car and over to church.  We finally had a "warm" day (in the 40s) so went for a walk (after all it took to get them all bundled up and in the stroller I forgot to take a picture, but no worries, we have lots more walks planned).  We also played outside for a bit.
How the twins got to experience outdoors. :) 
Micah was so excited to finally get to play with his bat and ball again.

Micah much prefers to be the pitcher than the batter.

But I think his favorite part is running after the ball
It was a very busy weekend.  Holidays are wonderful, but in a pastor's family it means it's a very busy time with extra services.  We had Good Friday service and since we have a lot of farmers in our church the service wasn't until 7:30, my boys aren't used to going out at 7:30. :)  Then Saturday we had to go to Holland for lunch for Steve's grandparents' anniversary.  And then Sunday was Easter and we went to Steve's parents' for lunch.  That's the most the twins have ever been out in a weekend. :) 
Family Easter picture
Actually got all 3 to look at me. :)
Unfortunately in all our running around somewhere in there David caught some kind of bug.  He woke me up on Monday night at 1 and I figured his mouth hurt so I went in to put some OraJel on his gums.  I wiped my finger on the burp cloth under his head and it was soaked.  It was then that I realized he had thrown up a lot.  Poor little guy.  So that is why his weight is down this week.  I don't know if Jonathan caught the bug too and just didn't throw up but he has been eating terrible as well.  Thankfully it seems the rest have us have avoided it.  David seems a lot better today but still isn't the biggest fan of eating.
Another big event this past week was opening day.  We are huge sports fans over here in the Bussis household.  I grew up a Dodgers fan, Steve a Tigers fan.  When we were first married Steve and I went to a lot of Dodger games so he became a fan.  And when we moved to Michigan we got FoxSports Detroit so we could watch the Tigers game and I became a fan.  But we still hold strong to our roots.  We both filled out a bracket for the NCAA men's tournament and we decided that if we knew whose bracket would win by Opening Day than the winner got to pick which team's attire our family would wear on Opening Day.  Well, we did have a winner by opening day:

As you can see, it was not me :).  So...
Here we all are on opening day in our Tigers' gear.  Both the Tigers and the Dodgers won their first games so it was a great start to the season!

The twins in their Tigers shirts
Since we couldn't wear our Dodgers shirts on Opening Day I decided to declare the second day of the season Dodger Day and we all sported Dodger Blue!

I think the twins look more excited in their Dodgers gear than Tigers :)
One other exciting even this past week- Jonathan rolled over from his back to stomach!  Saturday night I had him laying on the couch next to me and I had to grab his pjs out of the dryer so I set him on the floor, went and grab the pjs, came back and he was on his side; a second later he was on his stomach.  He was quite proud of himself until he realized that he was on his stomach which he really doesn't like. :)  Both boys are really starting to move.  I'll lay them side by side, walk away to do something and come back and one has turned 90 degrees and is kicking his brother. :)  Last night, Jonathan got himself turned completely the other way:
When I put him down for the night his head was on that burp cloth.  This is how he was when he woke up this morning. :)  He must be dancing in his dreams or something.

So we're hoping for a less eventful week this week.  The forecast for the next couple of days is leading us to believe that we may actually be heading towards spring and get to play outside and not in our winter coats.  Here's hoping.  Here's a few more pictures for your enjoyment :):

Jonathan must have had a busy morning.  I laid him on the floor to play, a while later I noticed I wasn't hearing him, this is why :)

The boys put everything in their mouths, including their brother.  Here's Jonathan sucking on David's arm...

And David reciprocating

But they're still pretty fond of each other :)

Which way do you think the TV is?  Micah was watching VegeTales before his nap and I guess I didn't put the twins on their blanket the correct way. :) Silly boys!

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  1. Adorable pics of adorable family!!! Thank you for sharing your sweet family :)