Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Week 25


Jonathan (right)- 19 pounds
David (left)- 16.8 pounds

Well, I left off the last weekly blog saying I hoped the rest of us didn't get sick.  A few hours after I posted that I went upstairs to get Jonathan up from his nap and he had thrown up. :(  That night Steve got sick; early the next morning I got sick.  So yeah, only Micah miraculously managed to avoid getting sick.  The twins are still recovering from it, not able to eat what they used to which means they don't sleep quite as long at night.  They also have become quite fussy again.  I feel like every time we get to a good place where they're eating well, sleeping well and happy most of the time, they get sick and we go back to being bad eaters and fussy.  Obviously they are still growing fine so I shouldn't be too worried about their eating, but the fussiness is starting to get to us.  I really think one of the biggest problems is we are stuck inside all day everyday because Spring just will not come!  And if you look at our 10 day forecast you see rain every day!  Boo!  Can you tell I'm getting sick of the weather! :) 
Jonathan has become a pro at rolling over.  We can't put him on the floor right after eating because he right away rolls onto his stomach and proceeds to majorly spit up. :)  David is trying really hard to roll over but keeps getting stuck on his side.  He gets really mad when he can't get over onto his stomach.  But he keeps trying so I think he'll get over soon.  Otherwise not much has changed over here. 
This was so sweet.  The boys were watching Praise Baby.  Jonathan was crying.  Micah, being the sweet brother he is wanted to comfort his crying brother, but the brother next to him was David and I guess he decided that since they're twins it doesn't matter which one you comfort. :)  So David got the sweet hugs while Jonathan cried.

The boys are really starting to play with one another and it is so cute.   Jonathan is continuing his role as the pushy big brother (it all started on their delivery day when he pushed David out of the way to come out first).  He actually already takes toys away from David.
Both boys do this and it cracks us up.  I think they're trying to sit up or something, or they're just practicing their crunches.
Micah loves helping with the boys.  Here he is helping feed David which let me tell you is no easy task :)


  1. That video is so cute!! It looks like you are kept busy each day--but so worth it!!

  2. So cute...the video of Micah feeding David almost made me cry, so sweet! What a great big brother he is!!

  3. What adorable nephews I have! The video of Micah feeding David is so precious! I love when he goes "Ahh" to tell David to open his mouth.. so cute!