Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Week 33


Even when they have their own, they both think they need to grab their brother's toy :)

Jonathan (right)- 20.5 pounds
David (left)- 18.3 pounds

Well, I was right, we have more teeth!  David is now the proud owner of 2 bottom teeth!  And Jonathan's second bottom tooth is right there, you can see it, it just needs to break through the gum.  They are both sleeping really well at night; naps, not so much but that's par for the course with my children and teething, it's just exaggerated when you have 2 going through it.  But they find ways to get their rest :)

 We're trying to spend as much time outside as possible.  We take walks to the playground, last night Steve and I actually got to play tennis while the twins played in their pack 'n play and Micah threw a ball around the court next to us.  And on Saturday we rode our bikes with Steve's parents to the playground at the elementary school.  The twins enjoyed the playing on the playground too:

Micah is trying to get strong like Daddy so they lift weights :) 
Those plastic putters are really heavy

Micah also is a big fan of painting with his Do-A-Dots.  He's quite the artist. :)
I finally took the twins 6 month pictures now that they are over 7 months old. :)  I just couldn't get them to cooperate.  So here's a peek at a few of them, I hope their cute little faces put a smile on your face like they do ours :):




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  1. We are blessed to have such adorable grandchildren!! Definitely brought a smile to my face this morning:)