Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Week 34


That sign is so distracting

They would much rather play with it

Micah likes to jump in the pictures :)
Jonathan (left)- 20.7 pounds
David (right)- 18.5 pounds
Life is going pretty good over here in the Bussis household.  The boys are sleeping really well, eating really well, and overall pretty happy, as long as they can see mommy. :)  Yes they have reached that stage where they are not happy when they don't see mommy.  Or when I walk towards them but don't pick them up.  This became very evident the two times this past week Steve and I played tennis.  We think that they must think we are coming to pick them up when we run to get a ball in their direction and because they don't get picked up, they cry, and cry and cry and cry.  But since they were just changed and fed, we know that they are perfectly fine.  So we played through the crying and boy did they sleep well those nights. :)  They really are good eaters.  Sometimes it's a trick to get David to start his bottle, but they usually finish all their bottles and they eat whatever solids I put in their mouths which is a change from Micah.  Of course Jonathan has started the whole spitting thing, thinks he's hilarious and actually, it is pretty cute, except when he's eating.  Because let me tell you, it's already a trick to feed two at the same time, and then you add spitting into the equation, fun times.  For instance, Sunday night, I'm feeding the boys before church, so we're on a little bit of a time crunch.  I have Jonathan spitting at me and David chewing on his socks.  Yeah, as I was sitting in church I felt something on my arm, and low and behold, I went to church with turkey & sweet potatoes on my arm :).  Being a mother is just so glamorous. :)  But I wouldn't trade it for anything.  We had some fun times this past week.   It really is so precious how much Micah loves his brothers.  Here he decided he wanted to read to them

And since they were all sitting there and wearing their name shirts from my mom, I decided I should try for a picture and look at that, they all actually looked at me!
 We have had some beautiful weather so we try to spend as much time outside as possible.  And of course if you are outside that means you have to play ball :)
Our neighbor boy came over and saw Micah hit and decided he's definitely going to be a professional baseball player :)

It's so nice that the twins can sit up now, so much more enjoyable for everyone involved

Micah helping Daddy spray the ant killer

Micah loves playing by his brothers
 Micah also loves taking pictures with my camera.  Here are a couple of shots that actually turned out:

I just love the shot of his feet, so cute!
We had to make a trip to Costco and the twins were able to actually sit in the cart!  So much nicer than trying to get two car seats in a cart.  And they enjoyed getting to see everything.
Micah is a fan of all the stacks of food at Costco, and the fact that he can sneak between them :) 
And of course no trip to Costco is complete without some frozen yogurt.  Notice where the frozen yogurt is, directly in front of Micah :)

The boys got their first taste of frozen yogurt.  Jonathan was a fan
David really wasn't interested :)
 On Saturday Micah got to go golfing with his Daddy and Grandpa.  He thought he was pretty special (which of course he is:)).

Micah with his Grandpa Bussis
So, funny story (at least I found it funny).  My mother-in-law's birthday was on Saturday so we all went to their house on Sunday noon to celebrate.  I told her I would make the cake and asked what her favorite was.  She said chocolate cake with white frosting.  I thought "Perfect! I have two layers of chocolate cake in my freezer so I don't have to actually make a cake, plus I have frosting left over from the baby cake I made, so we're all good!"  These cake layers were made at different times but they were both the Betty Crocker Triple Chocolate Fudge cake (my favorite) so no problem.  So I get them out, thaw them, and go to frost them.  When I put the second lay of cake on top I come to discover that they are different sizes!  One is a 9 inch, one an 8 inch.  I still can't figure out why I made a 9 inch cake because I always make 8 inch cakes, but that is besides the point because I now have a cake with a 9 inch bottom and 8 top. :)

So it was a little tricky getting it smooth along the side and I had a nice line of cake I couldn't cover because of the overlap, so I got a little creative (not my strong point) and put flowers along the side and :


Can't even tell it's not even :) 
Goes to show perfect is highly overrated- since I had to put the row of flowers along the side, we now have more frosting to eat :)
On the garden front, my tomato plants are doing really well and I was afraid they were going to get over-crowed in their little pot, so I moved each plant to it's own pot.  Hopefully I didn't mess them up :)
 And that, my friends, is all for this week! :) 

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