Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Week 35



As you can see, the sign is still a great distraction for the boys :)

Jonathan (left)- 20.9 pounds
David (right)- 19 pounds

Well, we have been hit with colds once again.  I don't know where they came from, but all of us except Steve acquired it:
See the snot coming out of Jonathan's nose? :)  Yea, lovely.  We are going through a lot of tissues over here.  But even with colds and drooling like crazy which leads me to believe they are teething, the boys are in pretty good spirits most of the time.  I have found that they do much better if we change their view every so often.  So we move from room to room and go outside, and then they're pretty happy little campers.  They are both starting to move around, mostly on their tummies and especially Jonathan.  They are sleeping really well although I find that they sleep the worst on Wednesday afternoons after I have blogged that they are sleeping well. :)  If they sleep in till around 8 then I have them take their morning nap in the stroller while I'm walking.  Micah is a big fan of it because we often end up at the playground.  And then the boys usually take a really good nap in the afternoon.  I've also eliminated another bottle so we are down to four bottles a day and three meals a day.  They usually have oatmeal for breakfast, yogurt for lunch and then a fruit & vegetable for dinner, about half the time the fruit or vegetable also has a meat in with it.  They seem to be doing really well with this and I enjoy only having to wash 8 bottles a day. :) 
They like these Wet & Freeze Teethers.  I didn't have them with Micah but when I went with my sister to help her register I saw them and thought they looked like a good idea and the twins agree.  So a lot of nights while the rest of us eat dinner, the twins chew on these. :) 

And then there is Micah.  See him sitting in his seat, yeah, I would guess he spends about 2 1/2 hours a day in that seat or his high chair eating his meals.  He is the slowest eater!  And it's not like we're making him sit there until he finishes everything.  We tell him he is done and try to take his plate away and he gets very upset and says he isn't done.  As you can see from the picture above, Steve and I have finished eating and cleared the table and Micah is still eating. :)  Steve asked me yesterday if I thought there would ever come a day we don't have to constantly get on Micah to eat his food. :)  I certainly hope so!

We continue to have beautiful weather and so we spend a lot of nights outside which is wonderful!
Here the boys are watching their Daddy hit the ball
And then you have to run down the hill to get the ball...

and then run back up. :)  The twins stay very entertained watching their Daddy and big brother

On a totally different note, I was trying to figure out what to do with these name shirts my mom got the boys.  They don't fit anymore but I felt bad just putting them away because they can't really be used as hand-me-downs.  So I decided to frame them and I'm going to hang them by their cribs.  And added bonus, then baby-sitters will know which child goes in which crib :).  So I had my crafty moment for the year and now I'm good till next year. :)

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