Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Week 52- We made it!!!

A year ago today I looked like this:
And now 52 weeks later here we are:

And with that we are done with these signs!!!

I will do their weights tomorrow on their birthday
Well, we made it 52 weeks!!!  It's hard to imagine a year ago today I went to my doctor's appointment expecting to hear that they would schedule an induction for 6 days later (at 38 weeks) only to discover that the ultrasound I'd had the day before showed that Baby A was not growing as much as they liked and they wanted to induce me the next day!  And so began this journey of Jonathan and David. :)  It has been a hard, exhausting, wonderful, joyous 52 weeks!  Well, I think it has. :)  Honestly, I don't remember much of the past year.  I am so thankful that I decided to do a blog so I can look back and remember the past year. :)  I'll do a post tomorrow for their birthday
So this past week, pretty much the same, two little stinkers getting into absolutely everything they are not supposed to. :)  This house if filled with toys that are Jonathan and David approved but do they play with those, no, they want to get into the lazy Suzan and play with the vinegar and salt and cooking spray. :) 
Here David found Micah's goldfish snacks and decided he wanted a snack. :)  I guess he also decided his shirt needed some goldfish on it.


 They both love playing with Micah.  He actually sometimes gets a little beat up by them, particularly from Jonathan :)  But he's a great sport.  We just tell him, if he lays on the floor, they will attack him. :) 
Micah continues to love to help out with the twins.  Here he is giving them their snack.

He also helps me clean around the house :)

 Getting into things he shouldn't

Looks like we have another Diet Coke drinker in the family :)

Jonathan didn't want to wait to get his pajamas on, he was ready for his bottle then :)
On the bottle front, we are down to 1 a day!!!  They get one before they go to bed.  Almost there!!!

And here they are again getting into the lazy Susan.  I should note that we have had child safety straps on this to prevent them from getting in...they have broken 3 of them.  They are very strong and very persistent.  :)  I have 2 more on the way.  Hopefully they will soon learn to just not go in there. :)

Micah doesn't want to be left out of taking pictures. :)
Here are some videos I meant to put up last week:
Jonathan doing "so big!"
Micah feeding the goats at Post Family Farm
I find this one hilarious.  Micah was going to hit the golf ball and all of the sudden moves to the side to stretch :)  Do you think he has watched his daddy golf a few time? :)
These are from this week:
Jonathan is kind of a bully :)
Micah loves to sing.  In church you can hear him singing over everyone else (he must have learned how to sing from his mommy- only one volume, loud :))

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