Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Week 50

Jonathan (left)- 22.9 pounds
David (right)- 21.6 pounds
We have hit the 50's!!  Just two more weeks until these little guys turn 1!  In some ways I feel like their birthday party should be a Steve and Julie survived the first year party. :)  There were times this past year that I really did feel like it was all about survival.  Thankfully those days seem to be past us and we truly are enjoying being a family of 5.  We have started the transition from baby to one year old.  I cut out one of their bottles so they are down to 3-6ounce bottles a day.  I really want them off the bottle not long after a year.  My pediatrician really pushes that (I remember at Micah's one year appointment they asked if he was already off the bottle) and I am so ready to be done with bottles (and to get my counter and sink space back :)).  Thankfully they are not very attached to them, so that makes the transition a little easier.  I have started giving them a little milk during their meals to get them used to it and they seem to like it.
Jonathan's first taste of milk- he went right for it

David needed a little encouragement :)
They also are completely on table food.  I still give them Gerber Oatmeal for breakfast.  I did that with Micah until he was 18 months.  It's just a great source of iron and nutrition and then I don't have to think about what to make them for breakfast. :)  They are much better at eating table food than Micah ever was (I think he'd still eat baby food if we let him).  They eat whatever I give them.  Vegetables are a little hard, even if I cook them till they're nice and soft, it takes them forever to chew. 
They also both have another tooth.  Jonathan has been working on his for a couple of weeks.  We could see the tooth but that gum just would not break.  It finally did yesterday!  So he now has four on top and three on the bottom and it now looks like that fourth bottom one is going to try to pop through, we'll see how long the gum takes to break for that one.  And then Sunday night I was in the nursery at church and I had David on my lap and I looked down at him and realized he had another tooth on the bottom. :)  So he now has 8- 4 on top, 4 on the bottom.  There's a reason they've been drooling like crazy. :)
We have lots of cruising going on over here, but no steps on their own yet.  Jonathan is so close to being able to stand up on his own and he's getting pretty good at staying standing up as long as he doesn't realize he's doing it.

I also think I have a couple of climbers on my hands.  I took the boys to the mall on Monday so they could crawl around and Micah could play on the playground (going to an outdoor playground by myself is hard because the twins just want to crawl around which doesn't work so well on an outdoor playground).  The twins loved crawling around everywhere and tried to climb up the slides.  I'm pretty sure if they weren't wearing socks they would have easily made it to the top.  Micah on the other hand just got the hang of climbing up it this winter. :)  I'm in trouble with these two:

They are very fast too.  We went to a Chicken BBQ fundraiser for a local Christian school and they just had a blast crawling around the gym. 
Another new thing for them this week: Taking a bath in the big bathtub together.  Our bathtub is upstairs and it just has been easier to give them baths separate in the baby bath in the kitchen sink.  But they really are too big for the baby bath and my kitchen gets absolutely soaked rvery time.  So now that they can climb stairs I just have them climb up to the bathroom and they get a bath together. 
They seem to enjoy it.  Jonathan loves being able to kick:
And I love being able to stay dry:)  Notice Jonathan's legs do not stop moving :)
We have had absolutely beautiful weather this past week.  So Steve has insisted that we spend as much time outside as possible: 
David and Jonathan love getting to crawl around outside and Micah puts up with them playing with his outside toys :)

We had to get in one more stop at the ice cream shop before it closed for the season.  We love our ice cream!

 Saturday we drove to a bike trail and rode our bikes to Rockford.  We've done this a couple of times and normally we eat lunch at Arnie's but Steve said it was a shame to waste an hour of a beautiful day eating indoors :).  So we packed a lunch instead and ate out by the water.
We brought a sheet for the twins to sit on, yeah, that didn't last more than a minute :) Too many things to explore

And once again David and Jonathan loved being able to crawl around.  Do you see a theme here, they love moving around, they never stop, and they are fast :)

 Micah loves checking out the water

He wanted to go to the other side of the bridge so he just started walking across.  I guess he figured we'd follow him :)

Micah thinks he's pretty big stuff :)

After a fun lunch break it was back in the bike trailers for the 4 miles back to our van.  
Even with the nice weather we do have to spend some time indoors :).  Here Micah asked me to put Jonathan on his lap so he could read to him.  As you can see, Jonathan did not last on Micah's lap long, but he did last long enough next to him for Micah to read the book.  So precious!
And then they like to attack Micah :)

Micah and I also did some baking this week while the twins napped, always a fun thing (but also always a lesson in patience for mommy :))  But seriously, isn't that just the cutest baking assistant you could ask for?!? :)
And finally, the twins are starting to mimic sounds they hear.  Here David mimics the horse sounds.  Plus he does a little head dance for you :)


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