Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Week 51

Note to self, now that you only have 1 more week of these, do not take the boys pictures right before naptime :) 
(David has such a stinker look :))

After I asked them how big they were

He stands... And then he goes down, on top of his brother

Which results in David getting a nice red spot on his head :)  Oh brothers

Jonathan (right)- 23.4 pounds
David (left)- 22.0 pounds
And that shows you what goes on around here, lots of crawling, standing, walking next to things, falling, falling on their brothers, tackling their brothers, getting red marks on their face, etc. :)  But I have to say, they are champs at eating!  They eat whatever we do (sometimes even better than Micah does) and they have yet to spit something out.  We are now down to just 2 bottles a day!!  They get one in the morning around 10:30 and then one before they go to bed at night.  My plan is to take the morning one away this Sunday and then take the bedtime one away the next Sunday and then be done with it!  We'll see if how it goes. :)  No walking yet.  I watched Jonathan take one step and he seemed to think it was fun, but then sat down.  They love to walk next to things.  Sunday morning after church in the fellowship hall they started walking around with the metal folding chairs, it was quite loud, but fun to watch. 
It's hard to imagine that one year ago I was incredibly miserable as we waited to meet these two :) and now they're about to turn 1!  Fun times.  They really are fun to watch, exhausting to run after, but all 3 boys love playing together and for the most part play very well together.  And Micah is such a good helper.  Why just this morning I had changed Jonathan's stinky diaper and about 10 minutes later I said "Jonathan, do you smell again."  Micah was standing there and said "I'll check Mommy" and he got down on his knees, stuck his nose right by Jonathan's butt, took a good wiff and said "Yep Mommy, he stinks."  And sure enough, he did. :)  Such a good helper.  Micah has started sitting in church now too and he has done a great job.  And I've yet to sit by him for the whole service because I've had to either sing on praise team or play the piano, but he's done great sitting by someone else too.  I have a strong feeling that the twins are not going to be so great at sitting in church. :)  Not looking forward to that day. :)
Saturday morning Micah and I went with Steve's mom, sister and our nephew to Post Family Farm.  They got to ride in a barrel train, feed the goats, take a hayride, pick out a pumpkin, go down a big slide, oh, it was so much fun!  It was nice to get to go somewhere with just Micah.  He seemed to enjoy getting mommy all to himself.

Riding the barrel train.  I seriously think they would have been fine if they just rode that all day

On the hayride to the pumpkin patch

Grandma helping them through the pumpkin patch (lots of vines makes for not so easy walking)

No, this was not the on we got :)  But it made for a cute picture :)

Oh another fun thing at the farm, homemade pumpkin donuts 
Micah was a fan

Micah wasn't sure about feeding the goats at first, but one he got the hang of it, he thought it was great

Bentley never feared the goats.  My favorite thing about Bentley feeding the goats was he wouldn't let go of the goat food :)  It was hilarious

Then at night we all went bowling.
Daddy helping Micah line up his ball

He pushes it...

And he celebrates :)

Bentley found the twins pretty funny

Micah coloring his pumpkin.  He told me when he was done that it was cute :)
The twins spend a lot of time wishing they could climb up those stairs :)
One more week of their first year of life!

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  1. What a busy, fun, exhausting, wonderful week you have had!! Thanks so much for sharing it with all of us! Wish I was there to share in the fun and give them all a great big hug!!