Thursday, October 17, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Jonathan & David!

Jonathan Rick
Born October 17, 2012 at 8:29pm
6 pounds 5 ounces ~ 19 inches





I'm 1 years old today.  I weigh 23.6 pounds today, so I have gained 17.3 pounds this year!  I have 7 teeth, 4 on the top, 3 on the bottom.  I'm a really good eater and a pretty good sleeper (Mommy thinks I should maybe nap just a little longer in the afternoon but sometime I just like to get up before my brothers so I have all the toys to myself).  I can stand up on my own and just last Saturday I took my first steps and then just today I have started walking more than 2-3 steps:
My moms says I'm kind of a bully because I like to attack my brothers. :)  I am the one who pushed David out of the way so I could come out first, so what do you expect?  I'm also the sensitive one in the family.  And I hate having my diaper changed, I like to make it as difficult as possible because I don't like to be still, ever.  I love to get into things I'm not supposed to, it's just so much more fun than all the toys around me.  My favorite thing I'm not supposed to get into is the trash can.  I just do not understand why mommy hides it in the bathroom!  I can say mama and dada but I don't really say it to anyone, I just like saying it.  I really like playing with both my brothers.  My favorite is when Daddy gets down on the floor with us and we all attach him.  I've just recently discovered I can throw a ball (or balloon) and I find that pretty fun.  All in all, I've had a pretty good year. :)
David Geoffrey
Born October 17, 2012 at 8:30pm
5 pounds, 3 ounces ~ 19 inches


 I'm 1 years old today!  I weigh 22 pounds on the dot, so I have gained 16.8 pounds this past year!  I have 8 teeth, 4 on top and 4 on the bottom and one of my top molars is starting to push it's way through.  I didn't start off such a good eater (I wasn't always a fan of drinking my bottle), but I'm making up for it now.  I eat whatever mommy puts in front of me.  I'm also a really good sleeper.  Mommy says that I'm the stinker in the family.  I love to get into trouble.  I'm told I have a twinkle in my eye when I'm doing something I'm not supposed to.  :)  I'm also really fast.  I don't walk yet, but I get places so fast crawling I'm just not sure I need to walk yet.  I'm really good at cruising along furniture and using chairs, trashcans, boxes, whatever I can find to walk with.  Like my brother I also can say mama and dada and I also like to say baba (it means nothing, just something he says :)).  I also love to laugh at my older brother Micah, I find him quite funny.  I love shutting doors so I often get stuck in the office or bathroom.  And I love climbing stairs, so if I hear the gate open, I use my fast crawling skills to try to get there before it shuts. 
Jonathan & David,
You bring so much joy to our lives!  It has been quite a year but it has been so much fun watching you grow and discover the world around you.  We love you both to pieces and are excited to watch you continue to grow and develop into the person God has created you to be!
Daddy, Mommy & Micah

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  1. Happy 1st Birthday Blessings, Jonathan and David! And blessings to you, Julie and Steve! Thank you so much for sharing the first year of the twins life with us. It has been a great joy to peek into your family life. Julie, you are a great blogger. Hopefully you can update us from time to time. Hoping to see you at CRCG Fall Family Harvest Festival next week.