Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Life with the Bussis'- 12.11.13

This is going to be short because the only thing I can think of telling you right now is that I have 2 kids throwing up and one claiming to have a tummy ache.  Fun times over here at the Bussis household, I don't recommend stopping by.  It's so sad to have to watch your child be sick.  Hopefully we will be over this soon!  In the mean time here's a few pictures from our week:
Micah and I made some ornaments for my GEMS to decorate last week and we made extra ones so we could decorate them too.  Micah is a big fan of painting ornaments: 

And he's an even bigger fan of cleaning the dirty brush in the water :)  He would do it after every stroke

The twins love to read and being sick that's about all they want to do so we've been doing a lot of this

 Finally got out the Christmas tree (we had ornaments to put up after all :)).  After it was expertly decorated we put it up on the bistro table so our two little destroyers aren't able to reach it.
We also put up our stockings.  I don't know why but seeing 5 stockings it still amazes me that we're a family of 5 :)

We've seen a lot of this face lately
And this one
And this one
And this- so sad
Thankfully this face can cheer us up.  He is however very upset that we will not allow him to kiss his brothers all better.  He doesn't quite understand how germs spread and how badly he does not want what his brothers have
And thankfully we get to see that cheerful face because this is what we see when we look outside. :)  No this picture is not in black and white (notice the red shed), this is just what it looks like outside
Before they got sick the boys do enjoy playing together:
 Yeah, they are stinkers :)
 David has figured out the noise that cars make:
Micah thinks he is quite funny calling soda "pop".  We all know it's called soda but he insists on calling it "pop" even makes up songs for it:
Silly boy:)
And just to show you how silly he is, I'll leave you with a fun conversation I had with him yesterday:
I had accidentally nicked Micah with my ring. 
I said: "Sorry, I got you with the big diamond Daddy got me"
Micah: "Daddy got you a diamond"
Me: "Yes and some day you'll meet a very special girl and give her a diamond"
Micah: "I get to wear a diamond"
Me: "No, you'll give it to a girl to wear.  But not for a very long time.  And not unless it's someone I approve of. Deal?"
Micah: "No, no deal"
Me: Laugh really hard
Micah: "Okay, deal."

Oh I love my boys!!!

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