Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Life With the Bussis'- 12.4.13

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We had a very nice one despite the fact that we got about 6 inches of snow. :)  Actually, the noon meal was at our house so the snow didn't bother me :) and by the time we left at night to go to Steve's grandma's it had stopped.  Here Steve and Micah are shoveling the snow so our guests could get in the driveway:

Micah is a big help :)

All ready to eat and I make them pose for a picture :)

David and Jonathan were excited to have someone else to bring a book to.  Auntie Lis was very nice to read to them all (I have no idea what Micah is doing here)

Jonathan loved picking on Bentley, Bentley was not such a fan :)

Saturday Steve and Micah went out in the morning to play in the snow and decided to make a snowman.  They were very proud of him.
Side note: I have discovered that I need to change the setting on my camera when taking pictures in the snow, especially if the sun is shining, sorry for the bright pictures :)

After lunch we got all 3 boys bundled up to go outside.  Yes, we have snow suites and boots for all of them (thanks to Steve's mom giving them their Christmas present of boots early :))

Daddy pulling David on the sled (I pulled Jonathan but didn't feel like trying to take a picture in the process)

They liked just chilling out in their sleds watching Daddy, Mommy and Micah have a snowball fight

Micah and Steve decided their snowman would be more fun if they tackled him :)

This is my mini snowman :)
 The snow is now all gone, but I'm sure it will show itself again soon :(.  So yeah, we had a great Thanksgiving weekend and I'm pretty excited because I got an ipad for $100 off and I didn't have to go stand in line for it!  Just ordered it on-line on Thursday morning!  My mom and all my siblings have either an iphone or an ipad so they all get to facetime and I wanted to be able to do that with them too.  Living 1000s of miles away from my family is hard but things like facetime make it seem not so far away (If you're wondering what facetime is it's like Skype but it's way clearer, but you can only do if from one Apple product to another).  So that was my exciting buy for Black Friday. 
I weighed Jonathan and David this morning.  I hadn't weighed them since their birthdays and I was curious how much they weighed because I felt like they had gotten heavier.
I weigh them with our Wii which requires me to stand on a balance board and the twins were being a pain by climbing on it while I was trying to do it, so they earned themselves a spot in the laundry basket :)  as you can see they were thrilled about it :) 
Jonathan weighed 25.1 pounds and David 23.6 pounds so that means they both gained 1.5 pounds since their birthdays!!!  I remember with Micah they told me at his 1 year appointment to figure on him only gaining about 3-4 pounds that next year and he was right on.  I'm thinking the twins might gain more. :)  They are very good eaters, they just don't have a stop button. :) 
Jonathan is our crazy sleeper and always wakes up with quite the hairdos :)
Monday morning I had to go to the dentist to get a cavity filled.  When I came home Micah had to show me the "house" him and Steve had made: 
David checking it out, he climbed right inside

Jonathan wasn't quite as sure about it

Otherwise life is just moving along like normal.  I can't believe it's already December and that Christmas is in 3 weeks!!!  We have a pretty busy December but that's fun and it will make time go fast to where my parents come in January!  Here's a few more pictures of my crazy cute boys: 

This is what Micah looks like after "helping" me make Cake Pops :)
And now I'm off to set up my iPad that just came!!! :)

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