Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Life with the Bussis'- 7.16.14

Well I am happy to say that currently I have no children with a fever and no one seems to be experiencing any ear pain.  Let's hope this continues!  Life is so much more enjoyable when your children are feeling good.  And before I forget about it, sweet moment of my life: so last night I put the twins to bed and as I was leaving the room as clear as day Jonathan said "Nigh-nigh Mama!"  Made my heart melt!  The twins are starting to talk a lot more, but they don't too often put phrases together so that "nigh-nigh Mama" was pretty touching. 
They may not be able to all cooperate at the same time for a picture together, but they're all pretty sweet in their own way. :)

I watched them put this wall up in our backyard a few years ago (before Micah was even born) and I remember thinking "some day I am going to hate this wall." Yes, that day is now :)
I've been trying out new recipes and one of them was a Peanut Butter frosting.  Micah was a big fan of that one. :)  He pretty much ate all the frosting first and then ate the cupcake.

Saturday morning I had a few errands to run so Micah came along.  He has wanted sunglasses for a while and I finally found some at Target.  He thinks he's pretty cool wearing them (he's only in the front seat of the van because we went from one end of the parking lot to the other, didn't want you to think I'm a terrible parent :)).  Micah put it well as we were walking through Target, he said "it's fun getting to be just you and me Mommy" :)  It was pretty fun.

My silly boys

This is how Jonathan decided to get his popcorn. :)  But actually I didn't mind because it was good to see him be silly and smiling.  This was after his fever had broken Sunday afternoon, he was a much happier kid after that.
Me and my silly David, although he might say I'm the silly one here

But he loves me, I just know it :)

Monday was a beautiful day so we decided to go to the zoo.  Micah had gotten money for his birthday to go to the zoo and he was so nice to let the rest of us come too.

How Micah spent some of the time.  Thankfully he wanted to walk most of the time and did a great job (and took a great nap that afternoon :))

Checking out the monkeys, definitely a favorite of all our boys

The lion was right up against the window

Jonathan was not so sure about her

Checking out some more monkeys

The zoo just recently got 3 tigers and you have to go up a hill to see them, which we did, and they weren't out :)  But thankfully they have a fun tree house for kids to play in, so our boys didn't notice so much that they weren't seeing tigers

The petting farm was definitely a favorite of all of them.  The twins kept walking around saying "Maa" and trying to pet the goats

All my boys

They had this wooden train and Micah insisted I take his picture in it

Checking out the aquarium

Up close and personal

We brought a picnic lunch along

All my boys in front of the statue of the guy that the zoo is named after.  It was a very fun morning with 3 very well behaved little boys which is always a plus
Monday night Steve had a meeting so the boys and I played outside. 
Do you think Jonathan gets told "No, no, no!" a lot?

I had 2 stores to go to yesterday so I thought, I can handle this by myself.  The first store didn't have a cart with 2 seats, so I let them walk because I just had one thing to get.  They love being free, and were so terrible too. :)  David insisted on pushing the cart even when we were in line to pay and the only place to push it was into the lady in front of us (and seriously, that boy is strong).  Micah kept trying to "help" stop David but was making matters worse and I kept telling him to let go of the cart and he kept ignoring me.  Then David and Jonathan start playing with the shelf on the bottom of the cart and Jonathan gets his hand pinched so there I'm standing in line with a screaming kid trying to keep David from pushing the cart into the lady in front of us and Micah from "helping." It was lovely :) and reminded me why I don't usually go out with them all by myself.  Usually people at stores tell me how cute my kids are, they didn't at this store. :)  Oh you children!  The next store we had to go to was Costco and they were threatened that if they misbehaved again, no ice cream at Costco:

They were very well behaved at Costco :)  It probably helped that the twins were in the cart at this store.

Micah behaved as well

Three little guys watching their Daddy play softball.  I wish I could say they stayed sitting nicely in their chairs, but:

They didn't :).  But they did have a ton of fun with this kid from our church, Aston, who was such a sport about letting them climb on him and chase him.  His mom told me that when they got in the car after the game he told her he had so much fun with my boys. :)  And they had so much fun with him.  And they all went to bed really easily and slept really well :)
And that's life around here!

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