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Life with the Bussis'- 7.23.14

Warning, there are a lot of pictures in this post. :)  Because we did a lot of fun things this week- a couple of different playgrounds, slept in a tent in the backyard (Steve & Micah, not me :)), got out our little pool in the backyard, went to the Steamshow and saw a remote control airplane show, went to a baseball game... let me tell you, it was a fun week.  It's so nice when you're all feeling well and the weather is nice!  So here's our week:
Out for a ride/walk to deliver some muffins to the lady from church who helps me out a lot.  It's the only place in town I let Micah ride his bike because it's a straight shot down our road. :)

Random pic, but seriously, this boy is cleaning out his belly button with the brush I use to clean my frosting tips!  Such a silly guy! One other silly thing that Jonathan does is call me "Daddy" and Steve "Mommy."  So he will say "Hi Daddy" to me or "Hi Mommy" to Steve with this huge grin on his face because he knows he's saying the wrong name.  It really is pretty funny because he thinks he is so funny.
Playing outside

These boys love their riding toys!

So all summer Steve has wanted to sleep out in the tent with Micah some night and last Thursday was a perfect night to do it.  Micah was so incredibly excited when we asked him if he wanted to sleep in the tent with Daddy.  Here they are getting the tent all set up.

Micah reading the directions and telling Daddy how to do it :)

All set up.  We discovered it's actually a really nice tent.  We got it as a wedding present (we had registered for it) but have never actually used it. :)

The twins didn't get to spend the night in it, but they had fun playing in it before they had to go to bed in the house.  I guess my kids love reading instructions :)

Can't you just see the excitement on Micah's face in this picture, so cute!

All cuddled up in a sleeping bag and ready to go to sleep, we'll we were ready for him to go to sleep.  I went out at 10 to check on them and he was still awake (they went in there at 9), but Steve says he fell asleep pretty soon after that and they both slept till 7.

So cute!

Then Friday morning we met Steve mom, sister and her 2 kids at a park for the kids to play.  So the boys got to experience a new playground, they were big fans of it.

Micah and his cousin Bentley

All the boy cousins on the teeter-totter

The only girl grandchild on Steve's side, my niece Morgan.  She's just a couple weeks old so this is how she spent the morning :).  Just wait till she's old enough to have those 4 boys chase her :)

Jonathan wanted to check out Morgan's feet

Both Jonathan and David are very interested in "babies."  They love giving them hugs and saying "baby," we just have to remind them they can't poke their eyes :)

Friday night we went to a Steam and Tractor Show.  There were so many trackers there which the boys loved saying.  We heard a lot of "Put-puts!"  We also watched a remote control airplane show which was fun:
Waiting for the airplane show to start

David loved cheering for the different planes

This was my favorite, it was a lawnmower/airplane, very cool

They played music with the show, which David had fun dancing with

Attacking Grandma

Micah absolutely loved watching the airplanes, it was so fun to see it through a 3 year old's eyes

Jonathan got a little tired after awhile :)

Micah got some new pajamas that he was very excited to wear that night

Saturday Steve went golfing in the morning with his Dad, so the boys and I headed over to another playground

The twins love the swing

And the slide :)

It all makes them very thirsty

For lunch we even got to have some peas picked from our garden.  The twins are big fans of peas.

Do you think he's supposed to be in there? :)
Brotherly loves

Saturday afternoon we finally got our little pool out for the backyard.  We've since gone in it 3 times!  Micah and David LOVE it.  They go down that slide about 20 times each.  Jonathan sits in the same spot the whole time, not moving even to get a toy (if he loses his toy he wines for someone to get it back to him).  Silly little guy.


Pure joy

Jonathan in his spot

Cuddling with David
And Micah
And Jonathan
Jonathan was happier to just sit in the swing :)
Saturday night Steve just went a picked up dinner so we ate outside and went right back to playing in the pool...
and sprinklers

David is such a happy boy

Jonathan got to come with me to the grocery store, I don't know if he saw it as a treat or a punishment, we'll go with treat :)

After the grocery store we took a bike ride and ended up at yet another playground.  Jonathan is getting pretty good at holding on to the swing

David trying to find the toy he wanted amongst the mess at the playground :)

Steve sets a wonderful example for the boys!

And then at night we went to a White Caps game (minor league baseball) with Steve's parents

This was Jonathan's look when he noticed that Steve's mom and David weren't sitting by us anymore (they had gone up to the top for David to run around for a few minutes).  He was very confused and concerned.

But he got over it quickly :)

Steve's teaching Micah how to play Euchre young :)
And last picture, I was trying out a new frosting and Jonathan graciously helped me eat it :)
So as you can see, we had a very fun week full of fun activities (which made for some good naps). 

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