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Life with the Bussis'- 7.11.14

Hello there!  Yes, we still are alive over here.  :)  Steve and I went to Detroit Tuesday and Wednesday to take in a Tigers/Dodgers game and then I spent yesterday dealing with a David who would not stop crying and after 4 hours of nothing consoling him I took him to the doctor to discover that he too had an ear infection!  So that is why our weekly blog is so late this week.  And to top it all off Jonathan is now running a fever again!  We seriously cannot stay healthy over here!  So this will once again be a quick update because I have all 3 boys up early from their naps :). 
These are actually some pictures from the week before that I never got off my camera :).  Steve and the boys did some coloring one day:

Micah was very proud of his car he colored

Steve was pretty excited about his coloring as well :)

I can't remember what we were doing but I all of the sudden looked into the living room and saw this:) They think so much alike

After going to the urgent care Micah was very into giving his stuffed animals a check-up
Steve had his follow-up doctor's appointment in Holland last Thursday so we got a lady from church to watch our boys and I went with him and then we picked up lunch and headed to the beach.  It was a great lunch

Trying to get the Big Red Lighthouse in the background (it was with this picture that I discovered my hair got a little high this day :))

We continue to enjoy being able to play outside (although Jonathan was not happy here that I had Micah stop pulling them to take a picture :))

I made muffins the other day and had them sitting on the counter.  I was changing David's diaper and noticed that Jonathan had gotten really quiet.  I walked around the corner to the kitchen and discovered that he had moved a chair over to the counter and got himself a muffin :).
These boys loves their muffins:

We had a wedding rehearsal on Friday night (the 4th of July), so we did our tradition of homemade ice cream for the 4th on Thursday night instead.  Micah was a big fan of this.

As was David.  Jonathan wasn't feeling the greatest so he passed, silly boy.

Friday morning we took a bike ride and ended up at the playground

We came home and decided to eat lunch outside

Which included some more of the homemade ice cream

And just so you don't think these boys sit so nice on their picnic table, this is actually what they do most of the time. :)  Really wished the table came with seat belts!

Saturday morning Steve decided to wash the van.  Micah decided he needed to wash his little car and "truck" as well

Scrubbing off the bird poop
Very proud of his clean cars

The twins and I took a walk while they washed the vehicles because #1 that kept them out of the way and #2 I needed to get Steve a birthday card so we walked down to the drug store downtown :)

Both David and Jonathan (pictured here) have become very attached to their "Teddy" these past 2 weeks they have had ear infections.  My aunt made them for them, it's a teddy bear head with a blanket body, they're great and have brought lots of comfort to them lately.

I dressed the twins up in overalls Sunday night for church.  They were so cute I wanted a picture of them in them, but they really didn't want to cooperate and Micah was insistent that he needed to be in the picture too :)
David is really bad at putting his plate on his head.  This is what happens when that plate has ketchup on it :)

Monday was Steve's birthday so we celebrated with a big cookie.  Micah started asking for use to put a candle in it already at breakfast.  It was a long morning for him waiting for lunchtime when we could finally eat the cookie :)
Micah sang "Happy Birthday" to Steve

The twins weren't quite sure what to make of all of it :)

After lunch we had some puzzle time.  The twins are actually pretty good at the Melissa and Doug block puzzles

Can you tell he's doing something he knows he's not supposed to be doing? :)  That would be Micah's cup Jonathan is drinking out of

We all dressed up at night to go out to dinner for Steve's birthday.  I wanted a cute picture of Steve with all his boys, this is the best I got :)

This little guys is 3 1/2 years old now!  Growing up so fast!  And just as a side note my pediatrician had told me not to sweat the whole potting training thing and that by 3 1/2 Micah would get it.  Well, he's 3 1/2 now and very proudly wearing underwear!  So we can finally say we are down to just 2 in diapers!!! 

Steve and I like to go to 1 Tigers game a year and when we checked their schedule for this year we saw that the Dodgers were coming to Detroit for a 2 game series and we knew that was the one we wanted to go to.  It was this past Tuesday and Wednesday, so Steve's mom graciously took vacation this week so she could watch all our boys so Steve and I could take a nice little mini-vacation to go to the game.  We had a great time.  After the first inning it was 5-0 Dodgers!  The final score, 14-5 Tigers!  The Tigers had 20 hits!  It was a crazy game and it was fun to get to see both the teams I like!  And I have to say, Detroit fans are way nicer to visiting team fans than LA fans :).  I even had a concessions worked tell me she hope I wasn't too disappointed with the game. :)
On our way home on Wednesday we decided to go miniature golfing.  It's something we love to do together but don't have a lot of opportunities to, so it worked out great!

And then yesterday, David started crying about 11:00am and by 3:00pm I didn't know what to do anymore (especially after he figured out how to climb out of his crib!!!), so I called the doctor and they said to bring him in and sure enough, child #3 with an ear infection!  It's hard to believe that they really aren't contagious.  And that this was the first time any of my children have had an ear infection.  So David is now on antibiotics as well.
Of course as soon as we got to the doctor he started acting perfectly fine as you can see from this picture.  He was all smiles and giggles.  Well, the doctor said that he had a hole in his ear drum, so that must have happened on the way to the doctor and released all the pressure so he actually started feeling better.  And the hole should heal in a few days.  So now we have everyone's ears taken care of, we just have to have Jonathan stop getting fevers which seem to be viral infections.  One of these days we'll all be healthy :)
Because while I love these cuddle times with my boys (which usually happen when they are supposed to be sleeping:)), I much prefer them happy and healthy!
(So much for a quick update :)) 

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