Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Life with the Bussis'- 7.30.14

Well, we had another fun packed week over here.  Nice weather and healthy kids sure make summer fun. :)  Here are some of our fun adventures:
A trip to Grandville for:
Can you guess?  New socks for Micah :)  Didn't notice till we took his shoes off at the playground that he had holes in the toe and heal of his socks :)  Those socks went straight in the trash, after Micah had a chance to show Daddy the silly socks Mommy had him wear :) 
These boys love the slide
Jonathan is usually quite proud of himself :)
And speaking of slides, our neighbors have a swing set in their backyard that they got when the people on the other side of them moved last summer.  They told us our boys are welcome to play on it anytime.  It has 3 swings and then there's a place where you can put a slide, but they didn't have one.  So I thought, let's just buy a slide to put on there for our boys to use, how expensive can a piece of plastic be?  Oh my goodness, $100, that's how much!  I had no idea they were that expensive.  And the cheapest one on Craigslist I found was $75.  So one night my in-laws were over and I was telling my father-in-law this and he said, "you mean one of those yellow slides?"  And I said "yes" and he said, "you mean like that one your neighbor has laying on the ground next to his shed?"  I looked and oh my goodness, yes, I have been looking at that yellow slide sitting next to their shed for over a year and never really thought of the fact that it was a slide.  So the next time Steve saw that neighbor outside he went over and asked if he would be willing to sell us the slide and he said we could have it!!!  So:
We now have a slide in our backyard (well, neighbor's backyard) for the boys to play on. 

Another fun adventure: We went to my grandparents house.  They live on a lake so we got to ride the wave runner and pontoon boat.
Micah was very excited to get to ride the "little boat that goes fast"

The twins didn't get to ride on the "little boat" but they did get to ride the big boat.  Here's David with my Grandpa

Micah actually preferred the bigger (slower :)) boat.  And Steve enjoyed getting to ride the "little" boat fast :)

This picture doesn't do justice to the fact that Jonathan wanted nothing to do with the lake or the boat :)  Thankfully he did calm down and seemed to semi-enjoy the ride, as long as he was on Mommy's lap

Micah and my Grandma

David helping Grandpa drive the boat.
And Micah taking a turn helping Grandpa
We had a great time riding around the lake and then having dinner with my grandparents.  The boys were quite entertaining during dinner :) but thankfully didn't throw any food on the ground, so I consider that well behaved :).  And then before we left Micah and my Grandma did a duet:
Thanks Grandpa and Grandma for letting us come!  We had a great time!
 Another fun adventure this week, Micah and Steve went golfing.  And I sent my camera along, so here's what they came back with (the ones of Steve Micah took):

Do you think he watches Steve putt?


Cheering for himself

It's so fun that they both enjoy golfing so much.  Although we aren't looking forward to the day where we actually have to start paying for Micah to golf :)

Steve had a softball tournament on Saturday so the boys and I came and watched them play a game.  Here the boys are sitting nicely eating their granola bars, but unfortunately, those only took them about 5 minutes to eat: 
And then they played on the bleachers :).  Thankfully they stayed on the first two rows so even when they fall, which they inevitably did, they didn't go far.
And then the real fun for me. Our good friends Chris and Steph from Iowa (Steph is the one who introduced me to Steve) were in town so we got together with them and our other friends Zach and Kasey.  And us ladies decided to go get a pedicure:
Kasey showing off her manicure (the owner of the nail place talked us into a lot, we were there for almost 2 hours, it was awesome! :)) and Steph relaxing with her pedicure.  It was an absolutely wonderful, delightful, much needed afternoon with 2 of my favorite ladies!  We decided this definitely has to be a yearly thing.
 After our pampering we went back to our house where we had left our husbands with our children :):
There was lots of playing...

And eating.  Such a great time!
But then again, it's always a great time at the Bussis home :)  Jonathan got ahold of Micah's hat and this is how he decided it needed to be worn

More fun, David "helping" Mommy clean up after making heart cake pops.  That's pieces of cake all over the counter and David is helping himself :)
Okay, we're getting lots of videos on here, but seriously, he sounds like the birds on Finding Nemo :)

Steve had a council meeting Monday night so the boys and I had a movie night

Popcorn is always a must with movie night

My mom sent the boys these Huntington Beach shirts so we had to show them off :)

This is usually how my breakfast goes.  I always feed the boys first and then they get to watch a show after they eat.  Jonathan could care less about watching TV, instead he "helps" mommy eat her breakfast

One last fun adventure this week, Cousin Bentley spent the night.  Steve's sister had a baby a month ago and we thought it would be nice for her and fun for us if Bentley came and stayed overnight.  A very excited Micah came with me after his nap to pick up a very excited Bentley. 
We played outside

Did cheesy smiles
And raced down the hill over and over and over again :)

All that playing made us hungry, so we took a trip to the ice cream store.  Boy was that a load to pull behind my bike :)
Enjoying our ice cream

Bentley was definitely a fan of the ice cream
Amazingly Micah and Bentley slept great (Bentley slept on an air mattress in Micah's room).  We only had to remind them one time that it was time to sleep and then we didn't hear a sound until about 7:45 this morning when we heard giggles coming out of the Micah's room. :)  After some pancakes it was back to playing.

Taking a rest from playing, love how they all fit on the love seat.
And then when the sun came out we headed outside to play some more.  Here they are taking a cookie break.  And so our first cousin sleep over was a success!
And after reading all of this I understand why I'm now ready for a nap, what a fun filled week :)

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