Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Life with the Bussis'- 7.1.14

This is going to be another short and sweet one because while Steve is feeling better and recovering nicely, he still can't carry anything over 20 pounds, which means he can lift any of our kids, so I get to change every diaper and get every kid off whatever he has gotten himself on top of that he's not supposed to be on top of. :)  And then add to that Saturday night Micah was up every 3 hours complaining of his ear hurting so to the Urgent Care I went with him Sunday after church to discover he has an ear infection.  And Jonathan woke up Saturday from his nap with a high fever and has continued to have it every day so to the doctor I went with him today and not only does he have a repertory virus which is the cause of his fever, but he too has an ear infection!  So now we just wait for David to get one. :)  So needless to say, I'm a little worn out and so I only have the energy to put up the pictures I had on my phone :).  Hopefully next week I'll be back to normal blogging (including my food blog :)). 
Wednesday night I dropped the boys off at Steve's parents house so I could go meet our new niece, Morgan Claire.

Bentley seemed pretty excited to be a big brother

Thursday I decided it would be a whole lot easier to just take the boys somewhere than spend the day telling them not to jump on Daddy :), so we headed to the Children's Museum.  We got there right when it opened and for a while we felt like we had the place to ourselves, it was awesome!

Making some pizza


Micah colored a mask
Fun with bubbles

My little stinker

This was for my parents who both thought the picture above was David, to show them that it was in fact Jonathan :) (much easier to tell when they're together)

This should have been my clue that he was starting to not feel so well :)  He actually fell asleep

In the waiting room at Urgent Care, obviously not feeling all that great

But he was such a champ, he never cried (which he did a lot of at his 3 year appointment even thought he didn't get a shot :)), he answered all the doctor's questions and he was just great.  The doctor even commented on how good he was.  I think watching Disney's Doc McStuffins has really helped. :)

Another sick boy

Thankfully this one is holding strong still

At the doctors office, he too was pretty good. :)

But amazingly as soon as we left the doctor he started acting just fine. :)  Back to his naughty self :)

With his partner in crime :)
Here's hoping for a healthy week!  I hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July!

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