Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Life with the Bussis'- 9.10.14

Well we have once again been hit by sickness over here and per usual, it comes in doubles (we hope it's just double :)).  Thursday Jonathan woke up with a fever (and by fever, I mean high fever, 104.3!)  He was absolutely miserable!  It was so horrible to see, you just feel so bad for him and there's nothing you can do for him but give him Tylenol and snuggle.  I had decided if he woke up Friday like that I was taking him to the doctor whether they wanted to see him or not (my doctor usually wants them to have a fever for a couple of days before they see them because typically it's just a virus and by then it is gone).  Well he woke up Friday just hunky dory :).  So I figured it must have been some 24 hour flu or something and hoped no one else got it.  Jonathan started getting little red bumps on his skin but he gets that every time he runs a fever.  Then Saturday David woke up from his nap with a fever (not quite as high as Jonathan's).  His fever lasted about 24 hours too, taking us to Sunday afternoon and then he started getting red bumps on his skin.  But unlike Jonathan who as soon as his fever was gone was a happy boy, David continued to be miserable and not want to eat and just cry and cry and cry.  Well yesterday I finally figured out that the bumps were primarily on his hands, his feet and his mouth and then it hit me, Hand Foot and Mouth!  I called the doctor and described to the nurse what he had and she said "yep, that would be Hand Food and Mouth," lovely!  but she said as soon as the fever is gone they shouldn't be contagious so hopefully none of the kids at Bible Study yesterday morning get it since he hadn't had a fever for 2 days (when I took him to Bible Study I had no idea he had it or I would have stayed home!).  Thankfully David is doing much better today and Micah seems to thus far have avoided it.  So it's been a very long week of taking care of sick kids.  But such is life with youngsters!  We did manage to have some fun this week:
He decided to raid my container drawer, while he had a fever, so I got to wash everything he touched.  It's not like I wash enough dishes, right?! :)  But at least he smiled while he did it :)
It was not very nice outside on Thursday so Micah and I played some Wii Sports while Jonathan and David cheered us on

And sadly, Micah legitimately beat me in Wii bowling.  I would line it up for him but then he threw it all on his own.  Yeah, I'm terrible at both real AND Wii bowling, at least I'm consistent :)

I had bought some peaches at the orchard the week before and hadn't had a chance to do anything with them so one afternoon I put my mind to it and made 4 pies for the freezer and a peach crisp for us for dessert that night.  I love having pies in the freezer so if we have someone over for dinner dessert is already taken care of.

By Thursday Jonathan just didn't know what to do with himself so I took him on a walk.  I didn't want David to be near him so just Jonathan got to go.  I haven't used this stroller in almost 2 years!  It was kind of fun to get it out and only have to push one kid :)

Friday morning Jonathan was back to his mischievous shelf and honestly I was so happy to see it, it was so sad to watch him be so miserable the day before

Friday afternoon every single one of my boys decided naps were overrated and they wanted nothing to do with them.  So finally I let them get up and put a VeggieTales on for them to "rest" to.  Yeah, Jonathan didn't want any of that either, especially when he saw me making cookies. :)

David soon joined in on the fun in the kitchen

After not knowing what else to do with them (it still wasn't very nice outside) we decided to set up their train track on a table in the family room.  Micah wasn't too excited about them trying to help him drive his train, so we got out a Melissa and Doug puzzle that has boats, a train and some cars that stand up and the twins played with those.  It really has entertained them a lot the last couple of days.  It also has caused some arguing over who gets to play with what, but for the most part it's been great.

By Saturday morning I just needed to get out of the house.  I hadn't left the house since Tuesday when I went to get groceries other than going on a walk, so I needed to go somewhere.  So Micah and I had a Mommy and Micah date that started off with some mini-golf

Micah is quite the little golfer :)  It's so cute to watch
He was pretty excited about this hole.  The first time he did it he got a hole-in-one so of course he had to try it again

After mini-golf we played a few games in the arcade

Then we went to lunch at Wendy's.  It was a fun date with my little guy and a nice morning out.

Saturday night David was the one not feeling well so he got to have the stroller ride

This is how both he and Jonathan looked, just absolutely miserable.  So sad!

Monday was a beautiful day and no one had a fever (and we didn't know yet that they had Hand Foot and Mouth) so we decided it would be nice to go for a bike ride and get some fresh air.  We went on one of our favorite trails that ends up in Rockford.  Here the boys are checking out the turtles on the rocks by the dam.

I wanted to get a picture of all 3 of the boys in their matching shirts that my mom got them.  They didn't care if grandma saw them all in them :)
Then Micah suggested I tried taking a picture of them in the shade.  What a smart little guy :)

We brought along a picnic lunch to eat by the dam.  As you can see the fresh air did David a world of good because he just chowed down his sandwich.  This picture really shows you how much all of my boys look alike because that is Micah next to David.  If their cups weren't in front of them I would have thought it was Jonathan :).  I think if they ever get close to the same size they are going to be mistaken for triplets :).

Jonathan was a big fan of the banana bars I took along.  That kid loves anything with frosting

After lunch the boys jumped of the stage they have there.  I love this picture.  David is quite the jumper :)

All ready for the ride back

The boys have discovered the fun of the driver seat in the van.  Unfortunately as Micah says "I love to push all the buttons" after they sat up there our remote doors didn't work. :)  Thankfully we found the button he had pushed and they work again.

Micah had a first last night- eating the corn off the cob.  Usually I cut it off for him but he wanted to try eating it like Daddy.  At first he thought he just wanted to lick the butter and salt :)

But he got the hang of it. 

This morning Micah got to go to Pre-School Story time at our library for the first time.  The last couple of years we have gone to Baby Story time at the library and at that one the parents sit with the child on their lap.  Now that he's 3 1/2 he gets to go to the Pre-School one and the parents sit on the outside.  He was a little apprehensive at first and I didn't sit too far from him, but he loved it.  It was pretty funny though, they started with this welcome song where they sang each kids' name.  When it was his turn to say his name he turned to me and said "Mom, what's my name?" :)  Oh Micah.  

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