Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Life with the Bussis'- 9.3.14

I can tell that we had a pretty low key week, which was much needed, by the fact that I don't have very many pictures to share :).  After our very busy 2 weeks, we were ready for some down time.  And it came at the perfect time, during the US Open for tennis :), so I've had an excuse to sit and watch a lot of tennis. :)  And we're enjoying our last week before the church education year starts and things get busy.  I'm very excited to go to a women's Bible Study this year and I'm writing it on here so that I don't chicken out next week and not go. :)  Our church's women's Bible Study is at 1:30 and doesn't have nursery, so it doesn't work for me to go to it, but I found one at another church that meets in the morning and has a nursery and program for preschoolers, so I'm very excited to start it next week, and very nervous because I don't know anyone that goes to it.  And then next week also starts our library's Pre-School Story time that Micah is going to go to.  So this is our last week of nothing and we are taking advantage of it.  But of course that doesn't mean just sitting in the house all day :):
One night last week we decided to take a walk and Micah rode his bike.  Like my orange boys? :)

This just melted my heart when I looked down and saw Jonathan giving David a hug.  So precious!

We continue to love having snack time outside (and by we I mean me so I don't have to clean up the floor after they eat :))
Look what Micah and Steve taught Jonathan!!!

Friday Micah got to go overnight to Steve's parents with his cousin so the twins got to have a night out with Daddy and Mommy.  David seems a little more excited about it than Jonathan :)

We love the rolls at Logan's!

Micah with the pizza he helped Mommy make
This is the twins after playing in the fellowship hall after church Sunday morning.  They were quite thirsty :) (and dirty after eating chocolate chocolate cookies, those white shirts definitely need to be bleached :))
A few years ago men in the church put in a new retaining wall in our backyard.  I asked them if they would mind keeping some of the old wall that we could use to make a fire pit.  They did even better, they got stone that matched the new wall and built us a great fire pit.  So every Labor Day weekend we invite who ever wants to from the congregation to come over after church at night for a hot dog roast.  It's so much fun to get together in this relaxed setting and enjoy a night by the fire.

I had some leftover frosting from my cousin's shower in my fridge that I needed to do something with, and this is what I came up with to share at our hot dog roast.

And oh my goodness, was it ever good.  I will definitely be blogging about this one in the future!

Monday morning (Labor Day) we went out to breakfast with Steve's parents and then went for a bike ride.  It was pretty cloudy when we started out, but thankfully the rain held off till we were back home.

Micah gets very comfortable in his trailer :)

Checking out the water below while we took a little break
Jonathan wanted to "help" Steve put the bikes away when we got back.  I looked out the window and saw this :).  They weren't ready to come in when they were done, so they played a little ball.

Jonathan is become quite the little hitter
At night we went to Steve's parents of dinner.  The grandkids love playing with Steve and his siblings' old toys.  Some of those toys she has are musical instruments and Micah loves organizing a marching band. :)
Micah continues to love singing the songs he learned at Bible School at the Conference Grounds.  Jonathan and David are pretty big fans of the songs too :)

My mom loves to get my boys new shoes whenever she sees them (she sees them about every 3 months which is usually when they are ready for new shoes).  We were too busy this last trip to make it to the shoe store, so I had gone to the mall last week and measured their feet and my mom ordered them some shoes online.  The boys were all very excited when their new shoes came yesterday (their old shoes were getting pretty hard to get on :)).  They all got their chairs out so I could put them on.  Thanks Mom for the new shoes!
Speaking of new shoes:
Now, you may say, seriously, why is she showing us a picture of her shoes, but let me tell you how incredibly excited I was about these shoes.  I have big feet.  And I have had big feet my whole life.  I was a size 10 when I was 10, 11 when I was 11, and 12 when I was 12.  Thankfully they stopped growing after that.  Well, I'm pretty sure ever since I started wearing an 11, for sure by the time I started wearing a 12 I have had to wear men's tennis shoes because they do not make women's tennis shoes past a size 10 (why, I do not know!!!).  I needed some new walking shoes and was at Kohl's and thought, I'm just going to check out the women's section and low and behold, there was ONE pair of women's size 12 shoes in the New Balance section.  And they fit, and they had pink on them :).  So after 20 years of wearing men's tennis shoes, I finally get to have cute shoes :).  Thank you for letting me share this exciting moment of my life with you. :)
Those very cute shoes helped me walk with the boys down to the playground this morning.  Micah has decided he like crawling down slides.  Silly boy

The boys continue to love the swing.  If it wasn't facing the sun I think they'd stay on it the whole time :)
This is Micah on the way to the playground, he was putting on a concert for our neighborhood :)
Jonathan and David are really starting to talk which is so much fun.  Jonathan can now say Micah's name, although he says it "Bicah."  I feel like he tries copying almost everything we say and then David tries to copy everything Jonathan says :).  I will try this week to record them talking, it's really cute.  I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend and beginning to the school year!

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