Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Life with the Bussis'- 9.24.14

Looking back at the pictures from this past week I realize that we had a really fun week!  The weather has warmed up and been beautiful so we have taken advantage and spent a lot of time outdoors.
Last Wednesday night we had the kickoff for GEMS at our house (hot dog roast at the parsonage, always a fun thing :)).  The boys were pretty excited to get to cook their dinner over the fire (well, Micah was at least).  They were playing beforehand and I looked out the window and Micah and David were just sitting by each other on the grass.  Actually, I think originally Jonathan was sitting there too which made it super cute, but of course by the time I grabbed my camera he was off doing something else.

David, much to his mother's dismay, loves climbing on the wall

Jonathan just loves moving :)

They were all sitting there cute by the fire but of course when I try to take a picture someone doesn't cooperate

Just can't stay in one place very long

Eating some grub

Micah amazingly roasted his own hot dog and marshmallow.  We thought for sure he would either burn the marshmallow or be there for an hour roasting it because he put it so far away from the fire so not to burn it, but he did a great job!
The boys were playing outside one morning and I was sitting on the driveway doing some work and David went and got his chair and plopped right down next to me.  Made me smile that he wanted to sit by Mommy.  He really is a sweetheart (well, they all really are :)).  Just a little while ago I was practicing the piano and he climbed on the piano bench next to me, said "Hi Mommy!" and kissed my arm. So sweet!  I just love my boys!!!

Jonathan preferred to just drive around in his car.

We got the twins their birthday present a little early.  Micah got this train set as his prize for no longer wearing diapers (yes, we resorted to bribery :)) and they all love playing with it.  We had it on a rectangle table we have, but they had to stand on chairs then to play with it and the twins kept falling off the chairs :), so we decided to get the Melissa & Doug activity table for them and it's been great!

Thursday night Steve had a Classis meeting so the boys and I met up with Steve's mom and the mall (my father-in-law also had to go to the meeting as an elder, so it worked great).  Now that the weather turned colder I noticed that Micah's jeans were a little short :), so we needed to get him some new jeans and decided to make a fun night out of it.  After playing on the playground a while we headed to the food court for dinner.

And after dinner they talked Grandma into giving them quarters so they could ride the fun rides :)

After the mall we headed over to Costco to get a few things and have some ice cream!

Jonathan decided ice cream tastes better when you eat it while walking around :)
Friday night we decided to attempt to take the boys back to Olive Garden (last time I took them there was with my Mom in May and they were not very well behaved little boys that time :)).  But we had a coupon for free kids meals for every adult meal purchased and a gift card, so we thought, why not. 
They were sooooo good!  That couple in the background even told Steve as we were leaving how very impressed they were with how well behaved our boys were.  That made this mamma proud. :)  I feel like we have come a long way since May :).  They really are much better at getting along and listening.  It's a lot of hard work, but moments like these make you realize it's worth it :)
I don't think too many kids would go for their broccoli before their pizza, but the twins LOVE broccoli and always eat it first :)
See, broccoli almost gone, pizza not touched
Saturday we went to Post Family Farm, which Micah calls the Pumpkin Farm (because you get to pick a pumpkin).  Here Micah is feeding the goats

Jonathan tried one time, and then freaked out :).  Of course he didn't grasp the concept of hold your hand out with the food in your palm and they'll lick it off your hand.  No, he held it in between his fingers, and the goat still got it, and he wasn't a fan :)

Cousin Bentley figured it out

Riding the barrel train
Micah (who always complains about the sun in his eyes)



And then there's David.  Oh David :), my silly boy

I think they could have ridden this all day and be fine with it

Going down the big barrel slide.

David loved this slide.  When the other boys moved on to something else, he just kept going on it

On the wagon to go to the pumpkin patch

Jonathan was terrified of the wagon and held on tight to Grandma

He did eventually relax some and I think on the way back maybe even enjoyed it

Even Baby Morgan got to join in on the fun

Some day I think these two will hate these pictures of them holding hands :) but for now we think they're adorable

Pumpkins make great seats

Notice no Jonathan, he was also terrified of the pumpkin patch :)
Looking for the perfect pumpkin

"Mom, I want the big one"- yeah right :)

Trying to get a picture of all 4 boys, this was the best I got :)

My little guys with their pumpkins they got to take home

All the boys with their pumpkins

On the way back

Micah was helping Grandma get Bentley to smile
Making sure no one takes his pumpkin :)

Another attempt to get a cute picture of all 4 boys.  Maybe should have tried right when we got there as apposed to at the end when they were hungry and tired :) 

Back home, Jonathan loves wearing Steve's hats and he prefers the backward look

This little guys (David) is seriously a camel!  He just drinks and drinks and drinks!


He then suggested to me that I take his picture in the shade :).  Such a smart guy
The boys "helping" me decide what we all should wear for our family pictures coming up.

After their helping didn't help, we decided to just go play outside.  David loves to ride the swing like this
But both he and Jonathan have also learned how to sit on the swing.
This was so sweet.  I had just given Jonathan a ride in the wagon and we got back and he wanted out and David wanted in.  So I put David in and Jonathan grabbed the handle and started giving David a ride.  He pulled him all the way around church!  What a brother! 
Micah loves riding his bike

Jonathan loves "riding" this bike (he scoots around on his tip-toes)

And David prefers his "truck"
One video to leave you with.  So my boys are OBSESSED with Sheriff Callie, a show on Disney Junior.  The twins call it the "Yee-Haw" show.  Anyways, on one of the episodes Toby, who is a cactus, sings this song "I love, love, love, love milkshakes."  And as he sings the word "milkshake" he shakes his bottom.  So Micah loves to eat milkshakes, but in order to get mommy to make one for him, she makes him sing the milkshake song because it is just too cute to see him shake his bottom :).  So I thought I'd share it with you :)

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