Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Life with the Bussis'- 4.15.15

First off, I forgot to put these videos on my blog last week of David singing:
Jesus Loves Me
The Lord's Army (I love how he says "I may never march in the apple tree" :))

It has been a very fun week over here. We have spent as much time as possible outside enjoying the nice weather. We have even made it to wearing shorts! Although, that's mostly because I'm so sick of pants and long sleeves :), it really isn't quite shorts weather yet :) (Micah was definitely the only kid in shorts this morning at the library :)). We did have a few rainy days so we did find things to do inside then:
The twins love playing games, especially this bunny game.

I had this great plan to make a bunch of apple pies for my freezer (went to the Orchard one last time before they closed and got a bunch of second apples really cheap). I love the fact that I can watch ESPN on my iPad so I could watch some of the Masters golf while I got the pie crust ready.

And when Micah heard the word "pie" he decided we needed a pumpkin pie to eat, so with one of the crusts him and I made a pumpkin pie.

Unfortunately Thursday night Steve and I got a case of food poisoning so my pie day Friday was postponed (pie crusts are still sitting in the freezer :)) and the boys spent a lot of Friday in their PJs and watching TV :). They really did great considering both their parents were pretty much out of commission. So thankful they didn't get it and it's all past us now! (And just a word of warning, when you get a new refrigerator and they tell you it takes 4 hours to cool down, believe them and don't put ANYTHING in there until it is completely cool :)).

This boy is really bad at taking a nap...

so is this boy! And as you can see, they feel really bad about it! :) I'm actually currently writing this while sitting in their room because it's the only way to keep them in bed which is the only way for them to fall asleep. They can be dead beat tired, barely able to keep their eyes open during lunch and for their video, and they got in their room, you close the door and they get a second wind and just destroy their room, having a ball the whole time :). And it doesn't matter how many spankings you give them, as soon as you walk out the door, they're back out of their beds and playing. We're going to have to come up with a different solution besides me sitting in their room till they fall asleep, but for how this is what I've come up with. And it really doesn't take that long for them to fall asleep because like I've said before, they're TIRED! Silly boys! Thankfully they rarely get out of bed at night when they go down.

They all really do love each other. Just this morning Micah gave them both a hug and said "You're both my best friend!" It was just too precious :)

Saturday was hair cut day for everyone. I told the boys if they were good they could have a mini cupcake (thankfully I didn't have to bribe Steve with that, he was good without a cupcake :)). The twins were very good and got a mini cupcake as a reward...
Micah however, was not! This child seriously screamed the entire time! He kept saying "Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!" but never flinched, so I don't really think it was hurting him. He just had it in his mind he didn't want it and was going to scream! And he went after his two younger brothers sat just fine for their haircuts! Oh Micah, what am I going to do with you! He has his first dentist appointment in 2 weeks, I really wonder how he is going to handle it :). And no, I did not let him have a mini cupcake and yes, I let him watch his brothers eat theirs :).
After the drama of their haircuts we headed outside to play in the sunshine (and wind, it was still a bit nippy :), but it just felt good to be outside). I got the boys some sidewalk chalk to play with and they love it! Here Micah is making a parking lot for his car.

And then he decided his car needed some pinstripes :) They also thought our garage door was a bit boring and added some decorations to it :)


Jonathan got ahold of the brush I use to get the hair off their neck while cutting it and he was "cutting" David's hair. Thankfully he didn't find the scissors :).

Micah loves to do puzzles and he's pretty good at it. He did this 24 piece puzzle all by himself!

The twins have been getting up with the sun lately (I finally got some room darkening curtains for their room, we'll see if it helps) here they are about 9:00 one morning having their 2nd breakfast since their first was earlier than usual :).

Micah, however, can read a clock so he didn't get up early and had his first breakfast while they ate their second.
Out for a walk on a beautiful afternoon

Jonathan thought the driveway needed a mow :)
Got out the bean bag game

Micah actually got a few in the hole. I told him he was better than mommy (of course if Steve just let me throw from that distance I'd do much better :))

Getting a little golf in (no idea why David decided to hit left handed here)

We're starting them young on tennis. Hoping they become the next Bryan Brothers :)
When they put this wall in years ago I knew it would one day give me grey hairs :). These 3 don't care, however and love to walk across it (it doesn't look so bad from this side, on the other side is about a 4 1/2 foot drop :))

Had some errands to run yesterday with the boys. The first was a trip to Target. Micah was excited they had a cart he could ride in with his brothers. It was all fun and games (as in Micah and David kept touching each others faces) until David got a bloody nose from it. :) Oh yes, as I was in the checkout line! The really funny thing though is at dinner I asked Micah if he told Daddy how David got his bloody nose. He looked at Steve and said "It was because we were farting." I bust out laughing and said "Micah, why would you say that" and he said that's what Mommy said. And then I realized I must have told him that it happened because he and David were farting around and he must not understand what that means. :) He just thought they were farting and David's nose started bleeding. :) Oh, life with boys! :)
After Target we headed to the mall and the boys got to play.

And you wonder how David got a bloody nose :). These two!!

Last night was a nice night so we decided to head to the Christian Reformed Conference Grounds in Grand Haven. Steve got some Frisbee Golf Frisbees and they have a few holes at the conference grounds, so he and Micah played Frisbee Golf while the twins played on the playground

Swings were a must of course

They had the whole place to themselves


After they played Frisbee Micah and Steve joined us on the playground
They even got Daddy to go down the slide

Micah has mastered the climbing wall!!
So of course the twins thought they should too

Amazingly, they weren't able to do it on their own

I had packed a picnic dinner and we ate it in the wooden train they have at the playground. The boys thought this was super fun!
Before we left we had to check out the water! Looking forward to taking many more trips back there (hopefully when it warms up a bit :)).
These two! This started as a hug :)
Micah with his mustache he made at the library this morning. He thinks it's pretty fun :)

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