Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Life with the Bussis'- 4.8.15

This was a very exciting week because...:
We took the cover off the sandbox!!! These boys were pretty excited. I think many hours will be spent in the next 6 months in this sandbox

The sand was pretty wet, so it made for great sand castles!

My silly boys!

We went to Wendy's Saturday night (can't beat $1.99 kids meals) and Micah was very excited about the microphone that came with the kids meal.

As was Jonathan. Both boys gave quite the concert to the people eating there. After Wendy's we headed to Sears to get a new refrigerator because ours is very old and no longer seals :). Anyways, can I just tell you, our boys were HORRIBLE!!! I mean, honestly, they were just being boys, running around in circles, running into the wall, climbing around the vacuum cleaners, trying to climb into the refrigerators, normal boy stuff, however there were 3 of them doing this and they were doing it very loudly! :) They were worse in the 25 minutes we were in Sears than they were the 12 hours we were on planes last week. :) It keeps Steve and I humble :)
Sunday of course was Easter and I thought it would be fun to post our Easter family pictures throughout the years (well, since Micah's been born :)):
Easter 2011

Easter 2012

Easter 2013
Easter 2014
Easter 2015
After a wonderful church service we headed over to Steve's parents for lunch. Had to send a picture of my 3 little guys to my family on the West coast wishing them a Happy Easter, and 2 out of 3 obliged with a smile

The boys with their cousin Bentley

We thought it would be nice to get Morgan in on the picture, she didn't agree :)
Monday marked the end of the TERRAfit Challenge I was doing:
Before                                                         After
I lost 16 pounds and 20 inches (in my waist, hips, chest, arms and legs). It was such a great experience, I'm so happy I did it and hope to continue on eating healthy and exercising!

Jonathan got to come with me this week to the store, he decided he needed to keep watch over our list to make sure mommy didn't forget anything :)

Monday was a nice day so we spent quite a bit of time outdoors. The boys were very excited the neighbor put the swings back up

Notice David still on the swing

Notice David still on the swing :) He would swing all day if we let him (on that note we are looking forward to the day he can pump :))

Jonathan was very unhappy with the news that we needed to go inside for lunch
This continued through lunch

He really thought David needed to give him a hug to comfort him, David didn't agree

More time in the sandbox after naps!
We also got out the Frisbees

Good thing we have 3 :)
Getting to watch Sherriff Callie in the basement while mommy exercised upstairs

I had to make a cake and the boys were such good sports at helping me "clean the bowl"

David needed one in each hand
The aftermath

These were happy boys

So fun to make a cake for a girl (in our church I haven't had a lot of opportunity to make a girl one, lots of boys :))

Steve played Frisbee golf with his dad and brother when he was in Minnesota last weekend and he decided that was lots of fun and he still had Amazon gift cards from Christmas, so he go a set of Frisbee golf Frisbees (I had no idea you use different Frisbees for Frisbee gold :)). The boys thought they needed to help daddy show off his new Frisbees and I can't remember why Jonathan was upset, but he was upset about something :)

Micah and I made a floor puzzle, these things are so much fun!
We had a play date at church this morning and Micah rode his bike over, I'm thinking this doesn't count as wearing a helmet correctly :)

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