Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Life With the Bussis'- 4.22.15

Most of my pictures from this week are from the beginning part of the week because that's the part where we had the most beautiful weather.  And then it got really cold, and today we had this:
You can't see it all that well, but it's actually snowing :(. It's not enough to accumulate on the ground, but it's still sad none the less. Well, I thought it was sad, Micah thought it was great because he loves snow and was sad it went away, silly Michigan boy!
But thankfully we did have some beautiful days and we took advantage of the them: 
Steve and I got to play tennis one night and the boys all brought their rackets (we have 2 kids rackets and a racquetball racket they use) and took over 2 courts. They must have enjoyed it, at least David, because since then every time he prays at dinner he thanks God for tennis ball :).
Last Thursday we had our Play N Learn through the county again. And again the boys spent most of their free time playing in the "sandbox"
The boys all made chicks out of their footprint, and all 3 were not fans of mommy putting paint on their feet :). I much prefer hand prints too, way easier to clean up. Jonathan wanted to color his footprint.

David playing with some finger puppets 

Micah making a muddy pig

The twins actually sang the goodbye song with Micah, it was pretty cute if you ask me :)
Lunch afterwards at McDonalds with some friends. This one has a TV with PBS on in the play area, as you can see my boys had their eyes glued to it while they ate :)
We had to pick a few things up at Target afterwards. It's so nice when they all decide to be nice little boys and behave, it makes running errands so much more enjoyable :).
I was finally able to finish my apple pies for the freezer (that I started the day I ended up getting food poisoning). So we how have 5 pies and one apple crisp in the freezer (plus we already enjoyed one apple crisp and gave one to friends). So if you come over to my house for a meal, you know what you're getting for dessert :)
Friday we had a playdate with my friend Kasey and her girls. We decided to try a walk, ha ha! :) Notice Micah is getting pushed by Lydia, silly boy.
Kasey (38 weeks pregnant) pushing Carrie and Jonathan

Micah and Lydia did switch spots, and as you can see it was a workout for Micah :)
Micah got to go golfing with Steve one afternoon

The next Jordan Spieth? :)
Steve and I got to go on a date Friday night. We went to dinner and then to see Woman in Gold which is a great movie if you're looking for one to see. We stopped for Frozen Yogurt after the movie, it was a fun night! 
I love getting to hang out with the guy!!!
And no, we didn't plan on matching, just happened :)
Jonathan was having a meltdown Saturday morning (something wasn't going his way) so I took him with me to go get music ready for church the next morning (yeah, that will help :)). He finally settled down when I gave him the job of bringing a bulletin back for Daddy. And he even let me hold is hand (a rare occurrence for the twins)

It was another beautiful day so the boys spent some time in the sandbox

I even let Micah ride his bike on the road (it's very smooth so he prefers it to the driveway or church parking lot).

After naps on Saturday we took our bikes out for the first time this year. David wasn't so sure about it

Micah however was very excited
And we're back on the trail! We did my favorite trail. Although I have to say, I thought this would be an easy ride because I'm in the best shape I've been in in years. Yeah, I guess I still haven't used these muscles in a long time and pulling 50 pounds behind me, it just wasn't that easy (plus we were going into the wind). But it was still fun, and now I've worked a new set of muscles :)
We made it to Rockford!
Trying to find some turtles. Unfortunately the water is pretty high so the rocks where the turtles usually hang out were underwater, so no turtles

My 3 little guys!! Love them so much!!!
We brought dinner along and at it in Rockford.

After they ate the boys played for a while, which of course includes tackling each other

Then they kept doing this thing where one would "fall" down and call for help, and Micah would go pull them up

They did this over and over and over again :) 
It's so fun to see them all get along and enjoy playing together
Having some apple crisp when we got back home

The twins continue to love reading, especially Thomas books. They just walk up to you, hand (or throw) you a book, then climb onto your lap, no words spoken. :)

I got my camera out to take a picture and David just started saying "cheese" I have them trained :)

I'm doing this photo challenge this week for a facebook group for DoTerra essential oils. I needed a picture for the theme of family/kids, so I told them to get on the couch for me to put oil on their feet and they just posed right away :)
Here's our family/kids photo- I put oils on their feet every night (and morning) for allergies
This one is for the theme first aid
This was the first attempt at that picture :) I told him to look sad (he really didn't have a fever :))
This one was for fitness. Micah actually took this picture. I had it all set up, he just had to push the button, which took him like 5 seconds to do after I told him, which means I had to hold that pose for about 7 seconds :)
But he's just so cute, you can't get mad at him :)
Monday we met Steve's sister and her kids at the mall so the boys could play together. The twins wanted to make sure Morgan felt involved too :)

David hanging out with Morgan on the turtle

I wanted a picture of Micah and Bentley, Bentley didn't however :). They had lots of fun and got lots of energy out (because at this point it was now no longer nice outside, so we had to get energy out inside)
After lunch Micah and Bentley took a carousel ride with Auntie Lis.
I held Morgan while Lis rode the carousel with the boys. I wanted a picture of us so I tried to get her to smile, instead I made her cry. :( If I did hashtags (which I don't :)) this would be a hashtag major aunt fail. :) No worries, she didn't cry the whole time I held her, just when I was trying to take a picture
The carousel went up in price, so we distracted the twins with these rides instead :)

Micah decided he wanted to ride in the stroller, so David got to ride on Daddy's shoulders 
Micah wanted to take our picture :)

The boys think it's fun to give each other shots :) They also think it's fun to give Steve and I shots, over and over until we tell them to stop.
Micah and I made some cake pops yesterday. He is an excellent sprinkles putter oner :)
Coloring his craft at Preschool Story time at the library.
So a fun week at the Bussis house. And we're hoping this silly, snowy weather decides to leave for good and we get that nice weather back :) because after having a taste of the beautiful outdoors, we want it to stay! :)

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