Sunday, April 3, 2016

Anna's Weekly Update- 4.3.16


As you can see, Anna has a lot of personality :). I forgot to weigh Anna this week (and she's sleeping right now) but my guess would be she didn't gain anything this past week since she decided to be a terrible eater! I'm not sure what the deal is. Quite honestly, she actually looks like she's getting her two bottom teeth in but I just have a hard time believing that because she's only 2 months old! But you can see some white and if you feel her gums it actually feels like something's there. So I don't know if it's that or she just gets in a mood or what, but it's getting a little frustrating because she'll just cry and not eat even though she acts like she is hungry. Which means that she hasn't gotten as much to drink as she normally did which means that she doesn't sleep as long at night as she has been (and mommy knows she can :)). So hopefully she gets over this soon because number one it is so not fun to feel her and number two Mommy really liked getting 8+ hours of sleep! :) But otherwise she's just cute as a button.

We celebrated our first Easter as a family of 6. I wanted a nice family photo and as you can see the twins didn't care to cooperate :)

Take two

Take three, and then we were done :)
So then I tried to get a picture of the kids and Anna didn't want anything to do with that.
She did then gave me a cute picture at lunch when she didn't have her brothers all around her
So then on Monday I made her get her dress put back on and took some picture of her: 

Micah realized that he hadn't held Anna in a really long time, so he was very excited to hold her for a while
Micah got a new bike. His old bike was too small and so we traded it with some friends for their infant car seat (since ours was going to expire in June, seriously!!) and told him we would get him a new one when we moved. He was very excited to have a bike to ride again. He's even tried a few times without training wheels!

We've had some beautiful days/evenings so one night I took a walk with Anna in the stroller...

And Jonathan on his bike

Steve's aunt gave Anna this sweatshirt sleeper and it worked great to keep her nice and warm on our walk!

They get so excited when Anna wakes up

She is just so loved

I had my first trip to Costco with all 4 kids. The boys were pretty excited about all the free samples

They were pretty excited to get to eat lunch (and dessert) there

I always make books of the kids pictures and it was so fun to make a pink book this time!!
This is how Anna sleeps, she loves being swaddled just like her brothers

We went to a Dutch supper at the Christian school and then came home and chilled while Daddy stayed for the auction. I love that Anna is starting to like just sitting on my lap

Mica was pretty excited to get a shirt for his new school!

The Cadets did their rocket launch yesterday and the boys were very excited to watch the rockets shoot in the air and then watch them come down.

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