Sunday, April 17, 2016

Anna's Weekly Update- 4.16.16- Week 12


Had to get a picture of her cute backside :)
Weight: 14.8 pounds

Last week I said that Anna was now consistently sleeping until 7. Well, this week she never once made it to 7, it was usually between 6 and 6:15 :(. Now I know that's not a huge difference, but I don't consider before 7 an acceptable time to wake up. :) Especially when I know that she is capable of sleeping until 7! Silly girl. One thing she has been up to this week is talking, a lot. It's so cute (except at 6:15 in the morning :)):
I definitely think she's teething, the drooling has begun :). She shows no interest in rolling over yet, probably because she's not a fan of her stomach so why go there, and we always forget to do tummy time, so she's not trying to get off her stomach :). 

For our first time eating out here we went to Wendy's, so exciting :).

Anna thought it was pretty fun

Sunday night after church Steve and the boys went to someone's house for a bonfire but I opted to stay home with Anna and we had a selfie session :)

Love this little girl!!

She is getting pretty fun

David is a huge Anna fan! He loves holding her

We found a playground by us! The boys were pretty excited

So was Anna :)
The monkeys were pretty excited to get to hang like monkeys
Jonathan was actually pretty impressive. He could hang like this and then lift his legs up so he was in an L shape. Of course I couldn't get a picture of it :)

One of the boys friends from Michigan told his mom that he wanted to see a picture of the front of our house, so we took this picture for him :)

After trying out a few different ones Steve settled on this car, so we are back to being a 2 car family (although the car dealer let us use the cars we were looking at so we were actually never without a second car :)).
I got the boys new water guns so they were playing with them the other day so I told them they should try to shot the mailbox and this is what they did. They really challenged themselves :)

Helping Mommy make muffins

Watching Mommy and the boys make muffins

Eating those muffins we made, they were pretty yummy!

Our sleeping beauty

She loves being swaddled (as did all her brothers)

We went to story time at the library here. They did not last in that nice little row. David kept coming back by me but not wanting to sit on my lap. Then he'd got back by his brothers for a minute, then back by me. I asked him afterwards why he didn't want to sit by his brothers and he told me he was scared. I never think of him and Jonathan as being effected much by what's going on around them, they seem to live in their own little world. But it was a good reminder to me that they are aware of what's going on and I think it just all kind of caught up with David and he just wasn't so sure about this new library and story time.
It is a very nice library though, they even have a gecko that the boys got to watch try to eat a tiny grasshopper  

We went to Costco after the library and this is how Anna enjoyed Costco, made for a very nice trip :)

She absolutely loves her play mat which is so nice!
Anna loves her Daddy (who loves his little girl)

How we did Lowes. They have awesome carts!!

Even had room for a shelving unit for the garage
David wanted me to take a picture of him and his brothers with their balloons, however the balloons did not get in the picture :)

So we tried again. :)
Such fun boys!!

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