Saturday, April 9, 2016

Anna's Weekly Update- 4.9.16- 11 Weeks




Weight: 14.1 pounds
Anna had a pretty good week. She still wasn't eating very well with us feeding her so we finally tried putting her in her car seat to eat and she did just fine. Silly girl! That's how I had to feed the twins all the time except their last bottle when Steve was home so I was so looking forward to only having one child this time and being able to hold her when I fed her. Yeah, she has no interest in that. I'm hoping she gets over this, but as long as she's eating and therefore sleeping well, I guess I'm okay with it. Speaking of sleeping, she is now consistently sleeping till between 6:30 and 7, most mornings closer to 7! And she goes down between 9 and 9:30, so that is awesome!! I do really think she is teething, but as long as I put this oil combination I have on her jaw, she does okay. She has moved up to size 2 diapers this week (Kirkland brand). She still eats 7 4 ounce bottles a day. She's started getting into a pretty normal routine. She wakes up a little before 7 and has a bottle. She usually plays on the floor then while her brothers are getting ready and eating breakfast. Around 9 she has another bottle and then goes down for a 1- 1 1/2 hour nap. Around 11 she has another bottle, usually 3 ounces. Then between 1 and 1:30 she has another bottle (I know, she eats about every 2 hours, but she goes a long time through the night without eating so I'll take it) and then goes down for another nap till about 5. Then she has a bottle and is up till about 7 where she'll either eat or take a 20 minute nap and eat after that. Between 8:30 and 9:00 she gets her last bottle and then goes down for the night. So hopefully soon she'll be able to start drinking bigger bottles so she isn't eating every 2 hours, but for now her schedule works for me.

Silly girl would most times rather be fed in her car seat than being held!

So sweet!

I started exercising again and the boys always insist on watching me (and getting in my way :)), but they also try to do it with me, well, the stretching at least

He looks way more excited about it than I do

Micah got out his homemade Monopoly game

The boys were eating breakfast one morning and insisted that Anna wanted to watch them eat. She really did seem to like sitting on the counter watching them

This is how we do Costco when we need diapers and water and other stuff that leave no room in the cart for Anna, Micah pushes her in the stroller :)

A lady from church brought us some OllieBollen (which Jonathan calls Ollie Bollie :)) They boys were big fans

We've had some really nice weather this week which we took advantage of

Anna drinking her bottle while I pushed her in her stroller, only way she would eat.

One of the great things about our house here is we have neighbors with kids our kids age and thankfully they don't mind when my kids decide their toys are cooler than ours :)

Enjoying the neighbor's trampoline in their backyard

All dressed up for a dinner with the search committee

She must have partied too hard, she kept falling asleep this day, on the floor, while being held :) of course it never lasted long because her brother kept waking her up

All ready to go golfing for the first time this year and in Montana!


They had a great time and Micah says they tied :)

While Steve and Micah golfed we enjoyed some more time outside too

They painted our living room this past week so I could get the pictures on the wall (I still need to get Anna a frame which is why she's not on the wall :))

Feels more like our home now with pictures on the wall

We have a swing set in our yard here which the boys love

She still loves hanging out on the counter in her changing pad. It will be a sad day the day she can actually roll over and no longer hang out there

Her brothers love checking in with her

Micah made me turn her around so she would actually look at him :)

I decided I want to make a point of spending time with each of the boys on their own. So last night David and I first went to the grocery store and then went out for ice cream. He was pretty excited that this grocery store had carts with cars in the front

And then he was really excited to get his own ice cream cone (last year we always made him share with Jonathan)

Love this little guy!

Notice the hole in the side of his cone, that's where he decided to take a bite :)

I had so much fun with him. He talked pretty much non-stop and when we got home told me "thank you Mommy for taking me for ice cream" :) When he and Jonathan are together they pretty much ignore me, so it was so special to get to spend time with just him. Looking forward to getting to do more of this with all the boys.

The last box has been unpacked!! Just a great feeling!

The boys talked Daddy into pushing them some more on the swings. This morning the twins were outside for 3 hours!!

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