Saturday, August 6, 2016

Anna's Weekly Update- 28 Weeks- 8.6.16

Our little sweetie had a very good doctor's appointment this past week. The doctor told me she got a gold star :). She weighed in at 19lb14oz which is in the 96% and was 28 inches long, 97%. So she's big, but she's proportional. :) And the doctor said she could find her ankles, so she isn't too chubby, she's just a big girl. The doctor also said she is developmentally ahead of her chronological age. She was very happy with how she is doing, said her skin is great, and guessed she will probably start crawling fairly soon and figures she probably will be an early talker (Anna was "talking" very loudly while we were waiting for the doctor to come in, I think the whole office heard her. The doctor walked in just laughing). The only thing of concern was her strawberry hemangioma. It had developed a small crust on it and she picked it which caused it to bleed and develop a scab. Her hemangioma is pretty good size and will continue to grow for a couple more months, so the doctor wanted to talk to a pediatric dermatologist (we don't have one in the state of Montana) to see if it needs to be lasered or given medicine to make it shrink. I haven't heard back yet from the doctor. But other than that everything is good. The doctor told me not to worry if she isn't drinking her bottle that great, she is getting plenty :). Always nice to have a good appointment and be assured she's doing well!
And, I think she finally got a tooth. She does not like me looking or feeling in her mouth. We've been able to see the tooth just under the gum for the last couple of days, but it seemed this morning that it had maybe cut through. And she doesn't seem quite as fussy this today. She's taking an amazing nap right now which is great because she's hasn't been the greatest of nappers lately (although a lot of that blame falls on her brothers for being loud right by her room and once on her mother for yelling at her brothers right by her room :)) but thankfully she continues to sleep great at night.
Monday Micah and I had a date to go get his school supplies. I still can't believe my little boy is starting school soon! As you can see he is quite excited about all of it. This is the lunch box he picked out.

I let him scan all his school supplies. While I was paying a lady asked me if he was going to Kindergarten. I said yes. She said "I figured since I saw you taking a picture of him scanning his supplies" :) I guess I'm an obvious Kindergarten mom :)

He got to pick where we ate lunch, he chose the McDonald's inside of the Walmart where we got his supplies. :) Works for me. We had such a fun time together. I'm going to miss having him around (for the most part :) but he's so excited to start school and I'm excited for him!

Checking out the strawberry ice cream we were making. Oh my goodness, it was amazing! For Steve's birthday he got this soft serve ice cream maker (we don't have a local ice cream store to walk to here so I gave my mom this idea). I've yet to make the ice cream soft enough to actually come out of the opening, but it makes ice cream super fast (about 25 minutes) and requires no ice or salt and you can just as easily scoop it out of the top with a spoon. So we are having fun trying out different ice cream recipes. This strawberry ice cream will definitely be a repeat. 

So I'm pretty sure it was before Micah was born I bought this Badminton/Volleyball net set from Kohl's. We finally got it out of the box this week. :) We ended up not putting the net up, figuring the boys can first learn how to hit the birdee. But actually Steve and I have had the most fun playing it. :)

Anna just watches from her swing but she doesn't mind

Waiting for the doctor to come in at her well child checkup

I don't know if you can see, but David has peanut butter all down his arm and on his hand. I was cleaning up at lunch and looked over and he had his hand in the huge Costco size peanut butter jar just getting peanut butter on his hand and eating it. I said "David, what are you doing!?" and He responded "I just wanted to eat it because peanut butter is so good!" :)

One night after dinner we headed to a pond to cool off

This girl just loves being in water

Look at this silly!! I think the doctor might be right, it might not be long before she crawls. She can go backwards, just not forwards yet

She absolutely dislikes being by herself (thankfully she's fine being by herself when she's in her crib). The problem is our living room is off by itself so we're not in there all that often, but that's where the carpet it. So finally I just put some blankets down on the wood floor in our kitchen/dining room (she still occasionally falls backwards and I don't want her knocking her head on the hard floor). This makes her much happier which makes the rest of us happy. :)

This is what was keeping her entertained, her brothers :)

Of course, she now moves by bouncing on her butt (Micah did this too) which makes the blanket not quite as useful :)

I looked outside the window and saw this, a deer in our garden. And when I opened the door to take a picture, it just looked at me like "what are you doing" didn't even flinch! Brave deer!

I'm pretty sure the reason the deer was in our garden was because they started combining the barley behind our house. Something that the men in my family thought was so cool.

 All I saw was the dust it produced behind it :)

Micah got to go on a pea combine. Another Kindergarten mom had called me and asked if Micah would want to come with her and her son to a kindergarten night at the local library. They had to stop at her parents house to pick up her other children and they let Micah go check out the combine which he thought was pretty cool. Micah also came home with grasshoppers, thanks Karen :)

My happy (clean) girl

Trying out her new mesh food feeder her doctor recommended. She was a fan.

Last night was Steve's annual Daddy/Son campout in the backyard. Unfortunately for Jonathan, we are working on potty training (it's been quite a week) and the rule was they had to go the whole day without pooping and peeing in their underwear (yes, we're having to work on that, I've cleaned more poop out of underwear than anyone should have to. One time, I even found an underwear with poop in it in the trash can in the bathroom because one of them didn't want to fess up to it, it's been quite a week). Well, Jonathan did not succeed and was not able to sleep in the tent. I felt so bad for him, but he took it well (probably too well, it would have been better if it made him really upset and caused him to want to do better :)). But I told him that if he doesn't poop in his underwear again I will sleep out in the tent with him sometime. We'll see how it goes.
David was pretty excited that he got to sleep in the tent (this was his first time getting to do it)

The boys in front of the tent

All ready for bed. They actually slept really well, the boys slept till 7!
This morning I was sitting in the kitchen and all of the sudden realized it had been very quite for a few minutes which always makes me nervous. :) So I walked over to the living room to see what was going on and saw this. Yes, they had made quite a mess, but they were all reading so nicely :)

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