Sunday, August 14, 2016

Anna's Weekly Update- 8.14.16

She is a girl on the move

She started under the sign, she did not stay there :).
Well, Anna is definitely on the move. I don't know if I'd call it crawling although she does crawl backwards, but she does not stay in one spot long and she doesn't even stay sitting on her butt very long. Speaking of her butt, she can get herself into sitting position on her own. I've yet to actually see her do it, I just notice she's on her butt and know I didn't put her that way. :) She now has two teeth that have popped through, the two bottom front teeth. She must still be working on some more because she isn't quite back to her easily smiley self. She's still very good, just a little more serious than she was before those silly teeth started coming through. She is also quite the talker, she can get pretty loud, which her brother's do not appreciate when they're trying to watch something.  

We went to Wendy's for dinner last Saturday night and the boys were pretty excited that they got to sit at a high table all by themselves. And honestly Steve and I were pretty excited that we actually got to carry on a conversation at our table :)

Anna was a little uncertain about having to sit with Mommy and Daddy

But then she realized it was okay :) She also had finally popped her first tooth so she was pretty happy

I got a new weights set and it came with 2 pound weights which they boys now think are their weights :)

They thought it was pretty fun when Daddy would throw all three "Frisbees" at once and they each try to catch one.

They then got Daddy to play "Sherriff" where he would run and catch them and put them in "jail"

I had to hold Micah captive to wait for the "Sherriff" to come take him to jail

Then they thought it would be funny to cover my head with a blanket and put a pillow on top. Mommy was not such a fan, it got quite hot :)
But it made them happy :)

Just hanging out in Mommy and Daddy's room while Mommy got some stuff done

We decided to check out Virginia City one day. Here we are on our way

It was a very pretty drive

Checking out the town. It's an "old west" town which the boys thought was pretty fun (A lot like Sherriff Callie on the Disney Channel :))

Checking out the candy store

On the train ready for our ride

The train went to Nevada City which was another old west town.

On our way back to Virginia City. It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot about Montana that I didn't know before. Didn't know it had a lot of gold mines.

Me with my girl

Love the clouds 

And then we found an ice cream store on the way home :)

Our trip wore Anna out :)

Silly boy discovered it was funny to stick grapes in both sides of his mouth.

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