Thursday, August 25, 2016

Anna's Weekly Update- 30 weeks- 8.25.2016 & Micah's first day of school


This is a little late due to the fact that we were in California and I didn't have my computer so I couldn't do it till I got home and then we had a not so fun time getting home :) and then I had to get Micah ready for school to start, so now I have a few minutes to finally do Anna's update. :) And boy has Anna done a lot of growing up in the last couple weeks. She has two teeth on the bottom and I'm pretty sure is getting more on the bottom. She is starting to grow out of her 9 month clothes, she has to wear 12 month sleepers and they really aren't that big on her. And the biggest thing:
We have a crawler in our midst!! She is all over the place! The boys are slowly learning that they can no longer leave small things on the floor because she will discover them and get over to them, she is very determined :). She can also get herself in the sitting position no problem. She's also started to try to pull herself up on things, crazy girl! It's time to put the gate up and bolt bookshelves to the wall, nothing is safe over here anymore!
She started over in the living room over by those foot rests that are stacked. As you can see she is quite proud of herself
We have two more exciting things going on in our household. One is that Jonathan is finally potty trained and in underwear!!! David, is not. :( But I think he is close. If nothing else I think when Coffee Break starts and Micah and Jonathan get to go to Little Lambs and he has to go to the nursery because he's not in underwear, that might finally do it for him. He knows how to go on the toilet, he's just too lazy to stop what he's doing to do it. :) So we are down to only 2 in diapers/pull-ups, we're getting there!! It has been three years and 10 months since I only had one child in diapers!!
The other exciting thing in our house is Micah started school!! Yesterday was his first day of Kindergarten. He was pretty nervous as we were leaving the house and when we got to school, but he was very excited when he got home, so it must not have lasted long. And he woke up this morning excited to get to go to school again today. He goes three days a week- Monday, Wednesday, Thursday- all day. So this is a big adjustment for both him but for me and the boys as well. Amazingly I didn't cry, I really thought I would. But I think it helped that I stayed for the chapel and talked to some other parents before and after, so it'd seem pretty silly to be standing there crying :). And then when I got home I talked to my mom on the phone for a while which helped too. So no tears from anyone over here! :)

Sitting at his table

With his teacher Mrs. Cok

Steve got to lead the devotions at the opening chapel

He was very focused on following his classmates out of chapel that he didn't even notice Steve and I sitting right there, or he was just ignoring us :)
Getting on the bus this morning. When I asked him yesterday what his favorite part of the day was, he said riding the bus. When he woke up this morning and I asked him what he was most excited about school today, he said, riding the bus :) Glad it's a good experience for him. Of course, he's on the bus for less than 5 minutes, but I think his favorite part it he doesn't have to wear a seat belt. But he told me he does hold on just to be safe :)
I will hopefully get to our California pictures soon!!

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