Monday, August 29, 2016

Anna's Weekly Update- 31 Weeks- 8.29.16

She is our silly girl :) And she seems to be still teething as well as you can see from the drool on her outfit. :) She is ALL OVER THE PLACE!!! And:
She's trying to stand up! I guess crawling isn't enough for her, she now thinks she needs to stand. So we have had many tears because she thinks she is capable of pulling herself up but she's really not so she falls and bonks her head. We really need to put a helmet on her until she understands her own limitations. :) She is also becoming quite the mama's girl, she is not happy when I leave a room. And she crawls up to my legs and hangs on. It's actually kind of sweet. :) She is definitely keeping us on our toes. She has a great ability to see something she is not suppose to have and go straight for it!! Thankfully we have 5 sets of eyes making sure she doesn't get something she is not suppose to have :).

Her first time sitting in the cart instead of in her car seat in the cart. She was a fan

The boys really wanted to push little carts, but this grocery store didn't have them, so they opted for carrying baskets instead. This was the day after our long trip back from California (we had a 4 1/2 hour delay in San Francisco) so I was kind of dreading having to take everyone to the grocery store, but they were so good.

And so much fun! After they put all the groceries that were in their basket on the conveyer belt they decided their baskets made great seats :)

This silly girl should have been sleeping at this point. She looks really tired, right? :)

She did finally conk out

Hanging out outside with my girl! This sleeper is a 12 month sleeper! And it's really not big on her!

Hanging out with her neighbor buddy (who was born 10 days after Anna)

Breakfast is a little different these days with Micah at school but they're surviving :)

Just hanging out in the kitchen by mommy

We had to go to Costco and they were very good, so they got to get some ice cream, and this time they only had to split it between the two of them instead of with Micah too. As you can see David was pretty excited about it

But just wait until Anna can have some too :)

Jonathan is seriously the messiest ice cream eater

She still loves her swing

We went out to eat at IHOP one night (they have free kids meals, seriously, we eat so cheap there :)). The boys love pancakes for dinner!

I gave her a little pancake but she didn't care for it, she just wanted to hit the table

Playing some soccer after dinner

And then we ate some homemade soft serve chocolate ice cream

David's a pretty messy ice cream eater too :)

I finally figured out how to get the soft serve ice cream to come out of the bottom of the machine (you have to have the machine running :)). Pretty proud of my cone!

Being outside does not slow her down
This cracks me up. The twins are a little more graceful than Micah :) I say they would make great gymnasts, their father does not agree :)

He truly is a monkey!!

We finally got the gate up. Now to convince the boys that the gate is not a toy to play with :)

It is effective :)

We had some friends from church over Saturday night. The mom had helped me get the fire pit for Steve for his birthday, so we had them over for a fire! And our kids played so nice together so us parents actually got to visit which was so nice!

I forgot to actually take a picture of anyone by the fire :) but here is Jonathan with his s'more

Anna and I matched for church

So pretty for church!! (I tried to get a picture of her to send to Steve's aunt who got her this outfit and I had her sitting and she kept just crawling towards me, so we had to stand :))

Micah can get Anna to smile and laugh, it's so cute!

Steve and I got to go away just the two of us this morning. A sweet lady from church watched the kids (minus Micah who had school) so we decided to go hiking.
This is me at the bottom (actually at the end of the hike). Can you see the white "M" up on the top left? That was where we were headed.

We made it to the top!! See the parking lot down there? It's surrounded by trees. That's where we started. We tried this hike with our kids a while ago and couldn't make it all the way to the "M"

That's the "M" behind us. I wasn't sure I was going to make it. I decided we should take the intermediate trail, oh my. It felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest!

But what a view! I'm so glad we (mostly I) pushed through it and made it to the top. After our hike we got to go to lunch just the two of us and actually have a conversation without being interrupted :) Thanks so much Barb!! (Yes, we have another Miss Barb :))

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