Friday, February 15, 2013

Fun Food Friday- Grandma's Roast for Valentine's Day Dinner with my Boys

We're not really all that into Valentine's Day in the Bussis household but I did think that it would be fun to have a nice dinner with all my boys.  I decided to make my Grandma Vanden Heuvel's roast for the occasion.  One year for my Grandpa's birthday Grandma made this roast and I absolutely loved it.  Being a good Dutch girl, I love roast and potatoes, but it makes such a big mess at the end with all the dishes for gravy and the mashed potatoes.  Especially when we have people over I like to have all this dishes done so my kitchen isn't a big mess.  This roast is made ahead of time and you don't need gravy for it, so you can make whatever kind of potatoes you make (which lately for me means the Pioneer Woman's Au Gratin Potatoes :)).  So here you go Grandma's Roast- Enjoy!

Ingredients: Roast (I like to use a Chuck Roast, about 3 pounds), onion (sliced),
Can of Tomato Soup, Vinegar, Mustard

Cook the roast however you normally do.  I like to cook mine in a CrockPot- 4 hours on low seasoned with salt and pepper

After I put the roast in the CrockPot (didn't take me all that long) I walked back into the living room and found this :) I guess Jonathan had a busy morning.

Shred the meat.  I find it easiest to do it when the meat is still warm and just dig in and use your hands. :)

For the sauce mix a can of Tomato Soup...

A cup of Brown Sugar...

2 Tablespoons of Vinegar

and 1 Tablespoon of mustard
(the recipe calls for dry mustard but I like to use Dijonaise because it gives it a little kick).

Stir together till smooth

Grill up the onion slices with some butter
Add to the meat

Mix the meat and onion with the sauce

And put in a baking dish.  You can make it the day ahead or earlier in the day.  Cook at 350 for 30 minutes or until thoroughly heated.

The finished product next to the yummy potatoes, a perfect match :)

Our Valentine's Dinner

Me and my boys all ready for our dinner

This is a terrible picture, but what I was trying to show was how Micah put his cloth napkin on his lap, it was so cute.

David decided to get comfy for the meal

What a meal-Grandma's Roast, Strawberry Fluff Salad, a biscuit and Au Gratin Potatoes (if you want the recipe for those, check it out here- - I add bacon bits with the cheese). 

David and Jonathan got yummy Valentine's meal too- Cereal :)

Micah could not WAIT till we were done with dinner so he could finally blow out the candles.  He kept trying all during dinner to blow them out from his seat.

Me with one of my cute Valentines (David)

And just so you don't think I skimped out on dessert- Strawberry Cheesecake


  1. Wow Julie....Your boys must have all felt very loved after you put together such a special dinner for Valentine's Day. You do amaze me!!