Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Week 16

Jonathan (right)- 16.1 pounds
David (left)- 13.7 pounds

David is trying to close the gap between him and Jonathan. :)  Both boys are doing great!  They have now gone over a week of sleeping through the night every night!  They are definitely better sleepers than Micah was.  With Micah, I knew if he didn't eat a certain number of ounces in a day he wouldn't make it through the night.  Jonathan never has a problem finishing all his bottles but David doesn't always, but even if he doesn't, he still sleeps through the night, so that's great!  They usually go down around 10:30 and the last couple of nights they have been waking up a little after 8, otherwise it's been between 7 and 7:30!  Of course, now that we have them consistently sleeping through the night, they have decide it's time to start teething.  Yeah, the other night Steve was overnight at a pastor's retreat so a lady from church came over to help me until they all went to bed.  Both David and Jonathan were drooling like crazy.  She asked me if that was normal at this age and I really didn't think it was.  They also had started chewing on their hands all the time.  I thought "No, they can't be teething already, they're not ever 4 months old and they were born 3 weeks early, but I guess I'll check."  Sure enough, both have 3 teeth trying to come in, all on the top and unfortunately, two of them are the eye teeth. :)  Crazy boys!  They have been a little more fussy than usual, so out came the good old tube of Baby Orajel.  Micah had a hard time teething.  At his 4 month appointment the doctor could see a tooth coming in on the bottom and that tooth did not break through till he was 8 months old!  Hopefully the twins don't take that long to teeth, only time will tell.  Otherwise both boys are doing great and bringing much joy and smiles to this household!
Both boys have taken a liking to chewing on their hands :)

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