Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Week 17

Jonathan (right)- 16.5 pounds
David (left)- 14.1 pounds

We have had another great week.  The boys continue to sleep well at night and nap well, although occasionally Jonathan wakes up from his nap needing some orajel or Tylenol because his gums hurt from teething.  He seems to be more effected by it than David.  Jonathan is now wearing mostly 3/6 month or 6 month clothes, David is still in 3 month.  We got out the ExerSaucer this week and both boys are loving it:
                                        David                                                       Jonathan

Both boys are getting flat heads on the back of their head so we're trying to have them off their back more often.  They're not the biggest fan of tummy time

So we're glad they have another option :).  So our days consist of feeding, changing, sleeping, and then lots of fun playing either on the floor on a blanket or their playmats, in their bumbo, in the exersaucer, on the couch, lots of times with Micah helping out.  :) 

Micah really gets into his story :) Jonathan looks a little scared but really he loved it :)

Playing on the couch with his brothers or "Bobbies" as he calls them

Helping feed Jonathan after helping Mommy give the twins their baths (hence the no shirt :))

We had a first for us this week- the twins first trip to our local grocery store.  We were quite a sight.  Thankfully I didn't need too many items because there wasn't a lot of room left in the cart once their car seats were in. :)
This week we look forward to the boys turning 4 month and going in for their 4 month check-up.  Fun times over here with all my boys! :)

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  1. Looks like fun times at the Bussis house! I am so excited that in just 9 days I will get to snuggle with your 3 boys again! I can't wait!!!