Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Week 18/ 4 months


I just love these boots- had to do a close-up :)
(Stats from 4 month appointment on Monday)
Jonathan (left)- 16 lb 11 oz (70%)  25.5" long (65%)
David (right)- 13 lb 15.5 oz (20%) 24" long (10%)
I read in a couple of books that the first 4 months with twins is the hardest and after that it starts getting easier- I kind of hoped that the easier part would kick in on Sunday when they turned 4 months, yeah, it didn't. :) 
Both boys had very good 4 month check-ups.  Doctor says they are doing great which is wonderful to hear!  And they both did great with their shots.  We had a couple of firsts this past week.  Jonathan rolled over for the first time from his tummy to back last Wednesday night.  He was pretty proud of himself.  Both boys also started on solids last Wednesday night.  Neither of them finished their bottle after their nap so I decided they needed a little something more so they tried baby oatmeal and they have been doing really well with it.  All three boys (and myself) got a cold a few days ago so that has hindered their eating a little bit but it's been going pretty good.  Otherwise we just have been dealing with all 3 having colds and teething.  But when I get frustrated or irritated with my children they go and do this:
And my heart melts at how much Micah loves them and how much Jonathan and David adore him (as much as 4 months old can adore someone:)).  That's actually the reason why David is looking away on most of the pictures, because Micah was in the room and he would much prefer looking at Micah than at me.  We are truly blessed by this precious life the Lord has given us with our boys. 
Micah had to get in on the pictures
David chill'n after his photo shoot

He also took it upon himself to make sure Jonathan had no drool on his face for his picture :)
*I apologize for my scatter brain in this blog, it's been a long day :) I realize why I usually do these in the afternoon and not at 9 at night after a long day with sick/teething kids and GEMS :)

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  1. I know life is busy, and a bit crazy with 2 babies and a 2 year old who has a mind of his own at times...but what a wonderful little family you and Steve have!!! I can not wait til Friday when I get to spend 8 glorious days with you and your 3 little sweethearts. This is an amazing treat for me to spend that time with you and the fact that Tracie will be there too...well, it's just going to be fabulous!!!