Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Week 19

Jonathan (right)- 17.2 pounds
David (left)- 14.6 pounds
It has been a pretty good week for the boys.  They've continued to have this stupid cold which makes them stuffy and makes it hard to drink a bottle.  David has been eating really well, Jonathan on the other hand has become an absolute pain to feed. :)  I don't know if his gums hurt from teething or what but he is very difficult to feed right now.  My mom and sister are here right now helping while Steve is gone on a serve project and I don't know if he's just not used to being held all the time when he's fed (when I have to feed them both by myself I put them in their infant car seats) or what, but something is up.  I hope he goes back to eating well soon.  Thankfully he has a lot of reserve :) so I'm not too worried about him not finishing every bottle and he continues to sleep all night.  And honestly, he just smiles up at you while refusing to eat so it's very hard to get mad at him. :)  Other than teething and colds, not much else going on around here.  We did finally take a new family picture and I took a new one of the boys, so I've updated those on the blog.  They've been doing really well with eating their cereal, eating a little more now this week so that's good.  They still get 7 - 4oz. bottles a day.  David has now graduated to size 2 diapers, mostly because I ran out of Kirkland size 1-2 and wasn't sure if I'd use a whole new box, so size 2 Pampers might be a bit big him, but they work.  I've also started putting David in some 6 month clothes because I have quite a few 6 month matching outfits and I want them to wear them before Jonathan gets too big. :)  They're a little big on David, but they work and it's just so cute when they match.  Plus it really makes you pay attention to who is who. :)   

We have ourselves a thumb sucker :).  David has started sucking his thumb and it's just too cute. 
We made a trip to the mall this past week.  I decided Micah and I were just going stir crazy and we just needed to get out of the house.  It was a nice day on Thursday (by nice I mean not snowing) so when it was time for the twins' morning nap I loaded them all up in the van and away we went to the mall.  The mall I went to is not very big and is not busy at all, so it was perfect for us.  Plus it has a great play area for kids, so Micah got to get some energy out. 
This is how you try clothes on with 3 little kids. :) 
Thankfully Maurices had a really big dressing room.

Jonathan decided to wake up while Micah was playing on the playground
David was thinking about it

Micah with his new friends. :)  This little boy wanted me to take a picture of him, so funny.  It was fun to see Micah interact with other kids his age or older.  He's the oldest one in our nursery at church, so I wondered how he would do.  He found all the other little kids fascinating. :) 

Thinking about going down the slide...
Going down the slide :)

All his playing wore him out.  He fell asleep while reading 8 Silly Monkeys on the short drive home.
We've been having lots of fun around here with my mom and sister.  My sister is 24 weeks pregnant with her first so she's been getting lots of practice in.  Here's my mom with her three little guys.

So fun times in the Bussis household!

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  1. So cute. Love the new pics. It's great that you have some Mom and sister time.