Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Week 20

Jonathan (left): 17.6 pounds
David (right): 14.8 pounds
We've had a good week.  The boys are sleeping well for the most part.  They sleep great at night, sometimes not so great at naps, but usually at least one of them cooperates for naps, so it's just one.  I think sometimes that one just wants some mommy time. :)  Teething always effected Micah's naps, so it doesn't surprise me.  A biggie for our family this week...Micah moved into a big bed so the twins now each have their own bed.  They had been sleeping like this: 
As you can see they were running out of room.  We have Steve's bed from seminary, so we decided it was time to put Micah in it.  We talked up sleeping in a big bed and would show Micah the bed in the spare room and ask him if he thought he'd like to sleep in that bed and he always said yes.  We got him Cars sheets for Christmas and they did the trick.  He loves sleeping in his big bed and has yet to get out when he's not supposed to.  We have a gate put up outside his door in case he gets up in the middle of the night so he won't fall down the stairs but so far he doesn't even know it's there.  It was very strange for me the first night, I just couldn't believe my little boy was out of a crib. :)  After we moved his new bed in we realized his crib wouldn't fit through his door.  Steve discovered if he took the mattress out and the springs out and the door off he could fit it through the door.  Unfortunately to get it into the nursery it had to go around a corner and we discovered after all of that that it in fact would not make it around the corner.  So we ended up having to take it apart in Micah's room and then put it back together in the nursery.  But now everything is where it's supposed to be and I think the boys are enjoying their new space. :)
Micah loves sleeping on his Cars sheets

David- he got the "new" crib.  I decided he rarely gets to use new things, ie clothes, because Jonathan fits into them first, so he got the new crib. :)

We went to the mall last night to get out and I just thought the boys looked so cute I had to take a picture. :)

I think they look a lot alike when they're in their carseats with hats on

Don't they just melt your heart? :)  Such sweet little boys!!


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  1. Adorably sweet <3. They are growing so fast! How great for Micah to have Cars sheets.