Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Week 21- A day at the Bussis home


Jonathan (left)- 18.3 pounds
David (right)- 15.6 pounds

We've had a pretty good week, not much change.  Micah is doing awesome in his big boy bed; he has yet to wake up in the middle of the night or even to get out by himself!  On Sunday someone at church mentioned to me that my life must be crazy.  I told her I didn't think it was, busy, but not crazy.  So since there isn't much to update on this week I thought instead I'd let you follow us through a day.  I don't have pictures for everything, by the afternoon I was actually quite exasperated with my children :) and didn't feel like taking pictures.  One of the reasons I don't feel like life is crazy is because it's very routine.  With Micah, I let him set the schedule so each day could be different.  With the twins I need them on the same schedule and as yesterday showed me I really need all 3 to be down for an afternoon nap at the same time so I have at least an hour of down time.  So of course the day I decide to take pictures and document our lives they don't stick to the schedule. :)  I sometimes feel like Lucy on that I Love Lucy episode where Ricky makes her stick to a schedule and during that horrendous dinner she plans she keeps saying "Got to stick to the schedule."  In her case the schedule wasn't a good idea, in our case, it keeps our lives sane. :)  So I will tell what typical day looks like.  Hope you enjoy this glimpse into our busy, not crazy life.:)

Our day usually starts off between 7:30 and 8:00 and a good uninterrupted night of sleep:
Stretch Jonathan! :) 
This morning I had to finally wake the boys up about 8:15.  As you can see they don't think they need their arms in their swaddles :)
Even when they wake up on their own they rarely cry, just talk.  I'm almost always greeted by these precious smiles

Since they've started eating cereal so well and stopped drinking their bottles so well, we start the day with a nice big bowl of cereal.  I'm starting to get pretty good at feeding one of them with my left hand but typically whichever one is on my left ends up with a messier face. :)
Micah's up!  Micah usually gets up around 8.  Thankfully Steve's still home at that time so he takes care of getting Micah up, dressed and gets his breakfast 

First things first before breakfast, got to put Micky Mouse on :)

 After breakfast the twins usually play on the floor while I eat breakfast, get the dishes cleaned up, check my e-mail, etc.  Then they rotate between Mom's lap and the exersaucer and the couch, anything to keep them happy.
Around 10 we have bath time!  Micah loves to help give the twins their baths.  We have learned we have to take his shirt off or it gets soaked
 David getting his bath

Then on to Jonathan.  While Jonathan is getting his bath David is getting his bottle in his car seat.  Then when Jonathan is done with his bath he gets his bottle in his car seat too.  After that...morning nap.

This is how Micah dries off after "helping" with the baths 

With the twins down for their morning nap Micah and mommy get some one on one time.  Today we made cake pops to give to friends of our who are having a baby.  (We also decided we should turn some of the cupcakes I had made into cake pops for us because they are just so yummy:))

As you can see, lots of fun!
The twins usually nap until noon.  Then they get a small bottle while the rest of us eat our lunch.  We are very blessed that Steve works across the street and comes home for lunch every day.  He usually gets Micah his lunch while I'm feeding the twins.
After lunch it's playtime.  We are working with Micah on learning the alphabet.  He repeats the letters after us (except for a few that he finds hard and so he just says "wow")  He recognizes a lot of the letters.
Here he is spelling his name
(I should explain that which he knows how to spell his name and he responds to Micah, he insists on calling himself "Awecheese"  we have no idea where it came from :))
More play time.
A lot of times as the twins are getting closer to nap time they both will start crying and it's very hard to calm them both down, so I just end up putting them by the piano and playing and singing.  Sometimes it calms them down, sometimes it just drowns them out. :)  Whatever works

Around 2 it's time for a bottle and then bed.  This is how the twins get fed most of the time.  You do what you gotta do :) 

While I'm feeding the twins Micah watches a video, either Cedarmont Kids singing, VeggieTales or these Monster Truck Kids Videos.  They usually last 30 minutes and then he goes right down for his nap.
While the kids nap I usually get about 2 hours to myself.  I usually wash bottles and whatever dishes are in the sink, get dinner ready and just relax.  Today, however I didn't get much time to myself.  I kept one piano student and she comes on Tuesday at 3.  So I had about 25 between when the boys went down and when she came which I used to do the lunch dishes and wash bottles.  David decided half way through her lesson that he was done napping (stupid teething!).  So he joined us downstairs.

I tried getting him back to sleep in his swing, rocking him, just letting him cry in his crib hoping he wouldn't wake Jonathan up.  After an hour of being awake he finally did go back to sleep for 45 minutes.
Typically Micah sleeps till about 4:30 and the twins till about 5.  Then they get a bottle and "play" either on the floor or exersaucer while I finish getting dinner ready.  We all sit down to eat.  I usually try to give the twins either a fruit or vegetable while we're at the table. 
Around 7:15 they get a small bottle and fall asleep for about a half hour.  After that they get another bowl of cereal and have play time until bedtime.  Micah usually gets a bath around 8:30 and goes to bed about 9.  We then do everything we can to keep the twins happy until it's time for bed.

They both thought they needed to be on Mommy's lap
They're fans of Daddy's lap too. 

They get their last bottle around 9:45 and then it's off to bed for the night, for them.  I then fold some laundry and then sit next to my hubby for a few minutes, enjoying the peace.  Then it's off to bed to get some much needed sleep in order to take on the day tomorrow. 
Okay, after actually thinking through our day maybe my life is a little crazy, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.  I love being able to stay home with our boys.  I love the time I get to spend with them.  And maybe life is busy and crazy, but it's also very good.  The Lord has blessed me with this beautiful family.  Yes, I might get exasperated with them at times when they won't eat or they won't sleep, but then bedtime for Micah rolls around each night and he does this:

He can't go bed without giving each of his "bobbies" a kiss and a hug :).  And it makes me smile every night and reminds us why we decided to expand our family in the first place.  Micah loves his brothers and I'm pretty sure they will be crazy about him as they grow up.  Life truly is good!
I hope you enjoyed spending the day with us!!!

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  1. Looks like you are busy, but those little boys of yours sure are cute!!