Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Week 22

Paper is so fun to play with

He attacked his nose this morning :)  Notice the drool

Notice the drool (see a theme with these boys?)

They have quite a grip on their toys these days
(or whatever they can get their hands on)

Jonathan (right)- 18.5 pounds
David (left)- 15.9 pounds

Both boys are doing really well.  They are still struggling to get those teeth in, but as long as they have OraJel on their gums, they're usually pretty happy boys.  They are doing really well with eating solids.  I cut out another bottle.  They were not drinking their bottle after their afternoon nap very well (at all) so I decided to just skip it and give them another big bowl of cereal.  So they now get two good size bowls of cereal a day and then either a fruit or a vegetable.  So far they have had squash (Jonathan a big fan, David not so much), carrots (David a big fan, Jonathan not so much), pears & peaches (both fans).  I never thought about the fact that they might have different food preferences.  I never pushed Micah to eat something he really didn't like.  For instance, he was not a fan of baby peas so I never pushed it, there was plenty other stuff he liked.  But it's really easiest if they are eating the same thing, so it will be interesting to see how it goes with their likes and dislikes.  Jonathan is now fully in either 6 month or 6/9 month clothes.  David still wears some 3/6 month and then 6 month clothes.  Jonathan is in Kirkland (Costco brand) size 3 diapers, David wears Kirkland size 1-2 mostly because someone from church gave us a box of 200+ of them so we're trying to use them up, but they're starting to get a bit small on him.  Naps are still a challenge at times.  As I write this David is sleeping in the swing because he decided he didn't want to take a nap and his crying was waking Jonathan up.  Usually if they take a good morning nap their afternoon nap isn't as great.  Micah always was a bad napper while teething so it's no surprise.  I do feel bad for them, their gums are just as swollen as can be.  None have popped through yet, hopefully they will soon so they can have some relief although once they start teething it's usually an ongoing thing.  We shall see.  In other news in our household, Micah has decided he is scared of baths.  We can't figure out why.  He gets all excited to take one, helps put the water and his toys in, but as soon as you go to put him in it, he freaks out.  Fun times.  So that's life in the Bussis house right now.  Oh, happy Spring!  At least Happy Spring to those of you who actually are experiencing Spring.  To those of you like us who are still stuck in winter (it's snowing here), I feel your pain.  We are just sooooo ready for Spring!!!  Here are just a few pictures from this past week. 

Micah helped me make brownies for GEMS. 
His favorite part of helping Mommy bake- licking the spatula :)
I made the frosting and when I turned around to put it on the brownies this is what I found. :) 
I guess he didn't want to wait for the frosting.

But how can you get made at that face?  This is what he looked like after licking the spatula when I was done frosting. 

Family fun time

I love it when Micah gets on the floor to play with his "Bobbies" (what he calls the twins)  He really is just so sweet to them.

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