Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Week 23

Jonathan (right)- 19.2 pounds
David (left)- 16.8 pounds

As you can see, the boys are getting harder to get both of them to look at me and smile.  Although, this should explain why:

They are way more interested in looking at their brother than mommy.  But who can fault them for that, he is a pretty fun guy. :)  As you can see from their weight the boys are growing well.  I just checked what Micah was at 6 month and he was 18lb 12oz, so Jonathan has already passed him up and he's not 6 months for another couple of weeks!  So needless to say, they are eating really well these days.  It is so fun to see the twins' personalities starting to show.  Jonathan is definitely our laid back, happy one.  If you need a smile, you can always count on Jonathan to give you one.  And he's usually pretty content no matter where he is.  David reminds me more of Micah, always checking everything out and a little more serious.  He also isn't always content in one place too long.  It surprises me, I would have thought the opposite because when I was pregnant with them Jonathan was the super active one and David more calm.  No teeth yet, just lots of bumps, chewing and drool. Looks like they're teething like their older brother. :(  We are desperately waiting for spring around here.  It snowed yesterday!  At least today we finally woke up to the sun, something we hadn't seen in a while, but it still was too cold to play outside.  Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I'll be able to post pictures of us playing outside and taking a walk in our cool triple stroller! :)  Here are some pictures from our week:
David wanted to read the paper...or eat it, one of the two :)

The boys in their church outfits on Sunday.  They were Micah's old clothes. 
Don't they just look so cute in them!!! :)
I wanted to get Micah in the picture with them but he wouldn't cooperate.  The best I could get him to do was give them a kiss.
I had them sitting by each other on the couch and Jonathan just started chewing on David's shoulder, so funny. 
Jonathan wasn't too happy when I moved him.

Now they're back to loving each other.

See, they even hold hands.  So Steve, Micah and I were playing hide and seek and running around the house (going "na-na" as Micah says) and David and Jonathan were watching us.  One time when I ran past them they were holding hands, so cute.  So of course I had to stop and take a picture, all while Steve was hiding upstairs. :)  Oh the fun we have in the Bussis house. 

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