Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Week 46


And, we're done with the sign :) 

Jonathan (right)- 22.0 pounds
David (left)- 20.7 pounds
Well the shenanigans are still going on over here. :)  Just this morning I went upstairs to quick get ready and thought I heard footsteps, I went over to the stairs and low and behold there was Jonathan halfway up the stairs!!!  Oh did my heart ever start beating fast.  But yet I couldn't react for fear that he would stand up scared and fall backwards down the stairs.  So I just very quickly ran down and got him.  Needless to say, there is now a baby gate at the bottom of the stairs. :)  Other than continuing to get into everything, nothing really new over here.  We did go to Baby Story Time at the library yesterday and all the boys did great.  It's so nice to have that to go to.  We sing songs, say rhymes, read books and then they have play time.  I went with Micah when he turned one but we didn't go this past year after the twins were born.  There were a lot of little kids there which means there were a lot of other moms to get to know so I'm looking forward to getting to go every Tuesday.  And thankfully a lady from church is willing to go with us so I don't have to have 3 kids on my lap. :)
We had a nice Labor Day.  We went bike riding in the morning and then went to Steve's parents' for lunch. 
Don't they just look nice and relaxed after a bike ride? :)  David's so relaxed he fell asleep

Micah loves to play outside on the patio and the twins love to watch him
Actually what they would really like to do is go outside with him and crawl around but it's just so hard on their knees.  But last night it was finally cool enough at night that we put some pants on them and then they had a fun time crawling around (please ignore the fact that their pants totally don't match their shirts :)):

We also find ways to have lots of fun in the house

Micah is getting really good at riding his tricycle:
Micah even let the twins have a ride

And finally, here's a video to show you how incredible determined our little Jonathan is.  He really thought he could get the mouthpiece off this sippy cup :) 

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