Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Week 47

Nothing much new to report this week, the boys continue to get into a lot of trouble and explore their limits. :)  Jonathan is starting to stand for a few seconds at a time and then sits down looking quite proud of himself. :)  They both are still drooling like crazy but I don't feel any teeth coming in.  One thing I've really started to notice over the last week is how they are starting to like to play together and play with Micah.  It is so cute to watch all three of them playing, chasing each other or what they like most is climbing over each other (actually their favorite is if Daddy gets down on the floor with them and they can all climb over him).  It's hard to believe that it's only 5 weeks until they turn one!!!  Time really has flown.  We were actually just watching videos this morning of after the twins were born and I honestly don't remember much from those days. :)  So it's very nice to have video to look back to and see how cute they were.  We had a pretty busy but fun week last week.  One of the things I did with all the boys was take them to the Children's Museum with my roommate from college, Kasey and her little girl Lydia.  The kids had a blast!  That place is so awesome, I'm seriously considering getting a membership, I think it seems like a great place to hang out during the winter months. :) 
Micah working in the construction zone

Off to the grocery store

Lydia filled her cart right up

The twins loved it because they could crawl around and grab things and not get them taken away :)

Micah "made" himself some lunch and enjoyed it at the table 

Micah and Lydia loved playing at the bank drive thru

One afternoon Steve was reading outside when Micah got up from his nap and Micah decided he needed to be just like Daddy :)
I'll leave you with my favorite quote for the week.  Micah is sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast while I'm feeding the twins and he was being really silly.  So I said to him "Micah, are you silly?"  And his response was "No, Micah not silly, Micah trouble!"  :)  


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