Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Life with the Bussis'- 1.1.14

First off, Happy New Year!!!  It is hard for me to believe it is 2014!  I graduated from high school in 2000 and don't really feel like it was all that long ago. :) 
This is going to be picture overload so I'll apologize in advance if you weren't in the mood for pictures. :)  We had a wonderful Christmas, it was so nice to be able to actually enjoy it and watch our boys enjoy it as well.  Okay, I'll let the pictures tell you what we've been up to:
We have had a LOT of snow, I mean, a lot!  There's one part of our roof that is flat and Steve wasn't a fan of over a foot of heavy snow just sitting on the roof, so he climbed out the window of our guest bedroom and shoveled the snow off (he's had to do this twice)
Micah finds it very fun to watch Daddy shovel the roof

The twins are more interested in the diaper boxes :)

This is David "helping" me wrap Christmas presents.  He hasn't been the best afternoon sleeper, especially if he takes a morning nap, so he got to "help" me wrap.

For our family Christmas we decided to first off do it the Friday before Christmas so we didn't have 3 parties in a row (and 3 nights in a row of Micah opening gifts).  Then we decided it would be fun to go to Red Robin.  So even though it was a little icy out we headed to Red Robin for dinner.
Appetizers for Jonathan: Cheerios :)

The boys did really well and we discovered #1 Jonathan is a huge fan of fries, wouldn't touch his fruit cup because he wanted fries, #2 Red Robin is a great place to take your loud children because they play loud music :)

Picture with the Christmas tree

The twins were most excited about playing with the wrapping paper

Micah got a kids camera from my parents.  He is loving having his own camera to take pictures with.  He is quite the photographer

On Tuesday morning the boys and I headed to Meijer Gardens to meet Steve's mom and sister and her boy Bentley.  The boys had so much fun looking at all the Christmas trees and trains.  In the entryway to the Gardens they had a sleigh so we of course had to take some pictures.  Here's all the Bussis cousins

Grandma with all her little boys

As you can see the twins were very excited for our morning adventure

Micah and Bentley loved all the Christmas trees and the did such a good job of not touching the ornaments

I was very confident that the twins would not be as good at not touching the ornaments or knocking over a tree, so they checked out all the trees from their stroller

They had this bird tree outside with a bunch of bird feeders.  Micah was quite enthralled by the pigeons "eating the snow"

Another pic of Grandma with all her boys

Me with my little guys
Micah and Bentley are great friends and decided they needed to hold hands when they were walking.  I'm sure they will love this picture when they're older :)

Checking out a waterfall

David and Jonathan were extremely excited to finally be let out of their stroller

Micah and Bentley thought the sign describing the art was a microphone and treated us to a concert

It took us till the very end but we finally found the Dutch tree (all the trees there had a country theme)

I really wanted a picture with me and my boys in front of the Dutch tree.  As you can see, they could care less :)

The twins weren't cooperating so Micah and I just took one :)

Tuesday night we had Christmas with Steve's family. 

This is Micah telling Jonathan to come back so I could get a picture of all my boys

Still not cooperating

There we go
Church was cancelled the Sunday before Christmas which was the morning we were supposed to have our Christmas program, so we ended up having it Christmas morning.  Micah had learned the song that the Sunday school kids were singing and said he was going to sing with them.  Then that morning as we were practicing he refused to sing it, but come the time during the service he popped right up and joined them.  Made this music nerd mamma very happy :):
After church we headed to my Uncle and Aunt's house for the Vanden Heuvel Christmas.  It was nice for me to get to see some of my family on Christmas and it was really fun because my cousin had just gotten engaged the night before so we got to share in all the excitement!  We ended Christmas day at Steve's Grandma's house.  It was a wonderful day of hanging out with lots of family.
All our partying tired out the boys and they just sleep so cute:

 Friday night we got to celebrate my grandparents' 55th Anniversary with a nice dinner.  I had my aunt take this picture of Steve and I because I had every intention of writing this nice blog on Monday for our 5th anniversary and was going to use this picture, but obviously that didn't happen, so here it is :).  And just so it's stated somewhere, I am so thankful for the 5 wonderful years the Lord has blessed me with this wonderful man!  Never would have imagined that at our 5th anniversary we would have 3 kids under 3, but I wouldn't trade it for anything!  I love you Steve!

Micah and I decorated a Gingerbread House that I had leftover from GEMS, from last year :).  It was very hard to get him to understand that we shouldn't eat the icing and cookie :), but it was fun.

We didn't have baby story time at the library this week because of the holidays, so Micah took care of hosting it at out house :)
Here's a video of him reading (ignore Jonathan, he was upset because I stopped feeding him his cereal to record)

The morning of our anniversary I made Steve a heart-shaped fried egg.  Yeah, I'm cheesy that way :)

Gave the boys another hair cut.  David was very cooperative, Jonathan not so much but you'd never guess it from this picture :)

Steve got me flowers for our anniversary, what a guy!

We've spent lots of time playing with new toys.
Like I said earlier we have gotten a lot of snow.  As a result we've done a little bit of sledding.
Here's Micah sledding in our backyard.  He likes to go down every which way
We've also gone sledding in the yard of a lady from church who has a nice big hill.  Here Jonathan and I are hanging out at the bottom of the hill (it was a very sunny day :))
Steve and Micah getting fancy
And that has pretty much been our last 2 weeks!  We also had a wonderful New Years Eve playing games with our good friends Zach & Kasey, but I forgot to take a picture, so you'll just have to take my word for it. :)  I hope you have a wonderful first week of 2014!!

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