Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Life With the Bussis'- 1.22.14

It has been a week of getting back into the swing of normal life after all the holidays and then my parents coming.  And I'm trying to cut out the twins' morning nap so that makes the morning pretty long.  But I have found if they take a morning nap they don't take as good of an afternoon nap, which is when Micah is napping, and I'd much prefer they all take a good long nap at the same time, so we'll see how it goes.  It's much easier the days that we have something in the morning. :)  The twins had their 15 month appointment this morning.  Here were their stats:
Jonathan- Ht: 31.5" (59%), Wt: 26lb 2.5oz (88%), HC: 47.5cm (67%)
David- Ht: 31.25" (51%), Wt: 24lb 7.5oz (71%), HC: 47.3cm (62%)
The doctor was very pleased with their growth and development, she said they are right where they should be which is awesome considering they were born premature.  She did say that they should start saying a few words over the next couple of month and if they aren't we should bring them in at 18 months just to make sure nothing else is going on, but she wasn't worried about it.  They do seem to be starting to mimic sounds more often.  I remember Micah at this age wasn't saying more than a couple of words either, and he talks just fine now. :)  So good report from the doctor.  And then of course they got to each have four shots and wonder why Mommy and Daddy would let that mean nurse do that to them :).  It's not fun, but I know it's for their own good.  And seriously, one minute later they were fine.  I am a little curious, the nurse we had today was a lady that goes to our church, so we'll see if they remember her and run away from her next time they see her. :)
Otherwise nothing too monumental happened this week.  Here's some random pictures for you:
Snuggle time after their naps.  As you can see they were still waking up :)

Micah loves his new rug
The boys love Mondays when Daddy gets to stay home and play with them
 After lunch on Monday we went over to church to play in the fellowship hall.  It's a great way to get some energy out during the cold winter months.

Jonathan prefers climbing on the chair to running around I guess :)
We spend a lot of time hanging out on the couch:

Last night Micah helped me make cookies and decided he had to also take pictures of it. 
Future food blogger? :)
 Here are the pictures he took:

He likes to get up close and personal :)

These boys crack me up, all the toys we have in our house and what do they all want to play with, the plastic bowl...
And then somehow it always ends this way :)  Oh, life with 3 boys
The twins seem to more and more like to play together.  Steve preached at his old church on Sunday night as part of a Classis exchange and when I went to pick the boys up from the nursery afterwards one of the ladies in there commented on how they just kind of followed each other around the whole time (except when Jonathan was going after his cousin's pacifier :)).  But it is so cute to watch them play together (which most of the time involved either chasing each other or tackling each other):
And finally, this past Sunday we had Sanctity of Life Sunday at our church.  I was playing for the service and when deciding what to play for the offertory I decided I wanted to play "Jesus Loves the Little Children" and "Onward Christian Soldiers"  I had this really cool but kind of eerie version of "Onward Christian Soldiers" and I felt it fit perfect because it's such a sad battle we're fighting against abortion.  So I thought I'd share my offertory with you.  I don't know that's I've ever been so moved while playing a piece before.  The only way I could figure out to play it on here was to make it into a video and it needed a picture, so sorry you have to stare at my children for the 3 minutes :).  And I know it's not perfect, if I kept trying till I got it perfect I'd still be trying :).  But it's a piece I played from my heart and wanted to share with you.  May we never give up the fight!

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  1. What a great blog! Thanks for once again sharing your week with us!! And I love the new picture of your boys at the top of the page!!