Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Life with the Bussis'- 1.8.14- Happy 3rd Birthday Micah!!!

First off I need to wish a very happy birthday to my firstborn, Micah!  It's hard to believe that 3 years ago I became a Mommy!  Oh what a glorious day that was (a very, very long day, but a glorious one)! 
Our first family photo

Such a cutie!

I love being this little guy's mommy!

And Steve loves being his daddy!
And then here we are today:
It has been a wonderful 3 years.  Micah brings so much joy to our family!  He is just a wonderful big brother, he is hilarious, he is kind, he is entertaining, and he is just plain silly. :)  I can't imagine life without Micah and I am so thankful to God for giving me the opportunity to be his mommy and blessing our family with this little guy!  I love you Micah!!
We have had quite a day of celebrating.  First we went out to breakfast:
Micah got to each a big pancake and have chocolate milk, he was one happy birthday boy
Then we came home and he got to open a few presents.  Here he's playing with the new car rug he got from Grandpa and Grandma VH

Then we went to Toys 'R Us.  Micah is part of the Geoffrey Birthday Club and got a card from Geoffrey with a $3 gift card, so he got to go pick out his $3 toy.  Daddy was quite proud of him that he came home with a big putter and golf ball.  Just what this house needs, more golf stuff :)
Then Micah got to pick where we went to lunch and he picked Panera Bread so he could get their yummy grilled cheese sandwich.  As you can see, he loves their grilled cheese sandwich :)

It's so wonderful that my mom gets to be here for his birthday!
And now the birthday boy is napping so he can have some more fun tonight (I had to convince him that 3 year olds still take naps :)).  So it has been a very fun birthday so far and we still have lots more partying to do. :)
As for the rest of the week, well, we have spent a lot of it indoors as it has snowed a ton and been super cold!  But I guess it has it's perks, it means lots of times for cuddles (David on left, Jonathan on right):
Jonathan especially has become an expert on climbing on the couch so we spend a lot of time on the couch :)
New Year's Day seems like a while ago, but it was in fact only a week ago :).  We went bowling with Steve's family and his uncle and aunt and their kids.  Micah loves to bowl:
Grandpa B helping him line it up

I'm sure this one was a strike :)

You never quite know what these two are going to do.  David spent a lot of time standing by those bowling balls just checking out everything that was going on.  Jonathan liked to move around and is actually dancing here, you just can't quite see it :).

Another highlight of bowling, getting to hang out with cousin Bentley :)  These two have so much fun together
I hope you all had a wonderful week and if you are one of the lucky ones stuck in this bitterly cold weather, I hope you stay warm :)

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  1. What a special day that was when Micah was born! Being Micah's grandma (and now being grandma to 4 more little boys!) has just been the best!! I am so glad I can be here to share in all of the birthday fun...and even being snowed in for a few days has been so much fun! Micah - thank you for always making me feel so loved! You are such a sweetheart!