Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Life With The Bussis'- 1.29.14

Well I thought we were going to have our first trip to the doctor for stitches or a broken bone, but they don't stitch up tongues, so we're good. :)  Yep, David has now learned how to climb up on the kitchen chairs:
(Yeah, he's quite proud of himself)
But both do not realize that a chair only goes so far and they can easily fall off of them, so David took a wrong step, fell off and we think he hit his chin on the chair coming down because there was blood on the seat, but regardless, Steve went to pick him up and he had a mouth full of blood.  Once I could stuff a rag in his mouth to absorb the blood we discovered he had bit his tongue and had a pretty nice size (and deep) gash on his tongue.  I called the doctor but they said they don't do stitches on tongues unless it's a flap on the end (you wanted to know that, right? :)).  So he just gets to eat lots of soft foods for the next couple days.  And do you know what that silly boy did as soon as I put him down after we got the bleeding stopped?  He went right back to that chair and climbed up on it!  No retention in a 15 month old I tell you!  So I spend a lot of my days trying to keep them off the chairs or at least keep them from falling off them, but it's no easy task I tell you:
And in addition to his tongue David has a few nice bumps on his head too:
Here's one of them :)
I honestly just want to put helmets on them all the time!  I think part of the problem is we're going a little nuts over here being stuck indoors.  Today was the 4th school day in a row canceled.  Not that my kids go to school but it tells you what kind of weather we have going on over here.  Steve put a yard stick into the snow on our back patio:
You can't see it very well but that stick is telling us that there is 25 inches of snow sitting on our patio!  And we've probably gotten at least another inch since we did that!  So that could be one of the reasons why my boys are climbing on everything :)
So I try to give them things to distract them.  I finally let them play with some of their puzzles, it distracted them for about 5 minutes.  Funny how when I actually let them play with something it's not as fun as when they're not supposed to play with it :)

Micah is such a loving brother- most of the time :)

 So I'm trying to get the twins to eat with utensils, ha ha ha!:)  Micah never wanted to eat with his hands, so he did a pretty good job early on with utensils.  And the twins are finally to the point where I can put their whole meal in front of them and they won't shove all of it into their mouth at once, causing them to choke.  So I will give them a plate with their meal on it and a fork or spoon and they will last a little while with it and then usually they dump all the food off of the plate onto their tray and place the plate on their head.  They definitely learned that from us, not! :)  And once one does it the other must follow suit.  But I keep trying. 
So last night I gave them a bowl and spoon for the first time.  They had baked mashed potatoes in the bowl so it was nice and thick and I thought would be a good thing to practice with.  Here are some pictures, you be the judge on how they did: 

That's how you use a spoon, right?

Now we're getting it

Not bad, face pretty clean yet

Done with the spoon

Still trying

Let's just forget the middle man and just bring those potatoes directly to my mouth
David did also eventually give up on the spoon and got it all over his mouth (and head and hair) as well.  I must have been laughing too hard to remember to take a picture of that :).  Needless to say, this is where they all ended up immediately following dinner:
Oh such silly boys.  They keep me hopping.  But they are very sweet too and just continue to learn new things all the time.  I'll leave you with what I think is an incredibly cute video of Micah singing and playing the piano, a boy after his mommy's heart!
Have a wonderful week!!!

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